A Monster's Thoughts

My own thoughts after she cheated on me for my own friend. These are the thoughts of a monster created from a seed of hatred.....
Tear my heart out and rip it to shreds;
darken my soul and leave me dead.

Stab me in the back and watch it bleed.
Yeah, let the hate grow just like a seed.

Lies, pain, anger and deception,
these gifts from you lead my destruction.

Scars left cold from your black nails
remind me only of your betrayal.

Then I take a razor and cut again;
let my blood flood these thoughts within.

When I open my eyes, NO I don't cry
I only wish for you to DIE!!!

Should I forgive you? F*ck NO!
I just want you to leave me alone,

yet I still can't get you to go.
Stained inside with memories cold as snow.

God, look at the monster that I've become,
this deep hatred has left my morals numb.

So cut me open; black my eyes,
see if I care if I live or die.

See you in hell bitch, better be there!
Do you honestly think I care?

Eternal torture becomes pure bliss
if you're with me suffering all of this.

I've become a monster created by you,
I hope my thoughts BURN YOU TOO!!!
Published: 10/20/2007
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