A Mother's only Son

This is a poem I wrote after my 21 year old nephew died this past December, I wrote it in agony in total sadness for my Sister (Cathy)
A mothers only son
A fathers pride and joy
Two sisters that adored him
Such a beautiful boy

A smile was always there,
A laugh not far away,
What do you say to parents,
That buried their son today?

He was the perfect son, 
A gift to all he knew,
A treasure in our lives
A soldier to the red, white, and blue.

Young man so full of life,
A stranger, he never met,
To let go of such a gift
such a huge regret.

He now lives in heaven, a 
Place beyond compare, 
If we had a single glimpse,
We'd all beg to be there.

It's hard to be the one left,
The days all roll to one,
Just know that he's alive,
He now walks with Gods son.
Published: 8/2/2010
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