A Mother's Prayers

In her heart, she deeply care for her children, she prayed to God for their lives to keep.(A poem inspired by my beloved mother misses Hellen Lopwonya) may God keep you healthy and joyfully for me Amen.
A mother's cry,
Night and morning she prays,
For good health and good education,
Upon her children.

Without a father she wondered,
What her children would become,
She prayed to God for their lives to keep,
For their happiness and education.

Never in vain did her creator,
Took her prayers for granted,
In Gods' own giving, her kindness,
Gave ways to her children's' blessings.

Upon one darkest night,
I overheard her cry in prayers,
A tear fell from her eyes,
For a child from her own child died.

My children, my care she prayed,
Our lives your giving,
Guide us, guard us I pray.
Published: 1/21/2017
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