A Mourning Song

The dark sorrow of a deep loss.
The cold stealthy creep of death,
Silent as a shadow's breath,
Gentle as a falling frost,
To whet the lips of a ghost,
And sharpen, keen, the urge to taunt,
The memory of a kiss that haunts!

The emptiness that silence brings,
The eeriness where darkness clings,
The loneliness that harbors fear,
Uncertainty that I must bear,
It knows not where my mind be made,
Nor if my farewell should be bade!

My soul doth not comply with life,
Nor does it, my spirit ignite,
My heart still beats, but only just,
My mind suffers from wander lust,
My wish to fly encumbers me,
As I try to live without thee!
Published: 10/20/2011
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