A New Beginning - Part 5

Now, Kasey has been in the clinic for a week and is starting to get the swing of things. She is making new friends and feeling what other people have felt during their case of anorexia. Will Kasey actually put her childhood behind and get better faster? Or will she slowly continue her old life while being at the clinic?
At 6:30 am the sun is already up and taking action to make the country of England sunnier and happier. The rain has finally stopped after a few days, and the winter weather is still cold but with the sun's help it will be warmer.

As the staff walks down each hallway and knocks on the child's doors, I wake up and quickly shift from my warm bed to my comfy pink bath robe with fuzzy pink slippers; a gift from my mother. Although she cannot visit me, yet she can send me gifts from home which now that I think about it make me more confident and motivated to leave this clinic at a healthy weight.

"Ladies time to head over to the weight room! Then go back to your rooms and get dressed for breakfast, please! Thank you ladies." Mrs. Rivers says opening my door to give my room some light. She walks over to my bed, turns the light on then opens the shades.

"Time to get up Kasey, a day of motivation and success, awaits you." She whispers is my ear. I sit up just a little to wipe my eyes, like I used to do as a little girl, and I smile at Mrs. Rivers. She nods and throws my robe and slippers on to my occupied bed. I laugh a little as she closes the door and leaves me. I quickly slip on my robe and slippers and leave my room heading down the hall to the weight room. Although I do not have many friends yet, the staff has been nice to me, so they help me with things. I walk out and close my door behind me that I have decorated with little flower stickers and foam puppies. It is supposed to show who I am and what I like.

"Step on, and close your eyes please. Okay... thank you Kasey." Mrs. Swift says gently. I sit on the table with the papery cloth where she now asks me questions about my eating habits lately.

"When will I be able to see my weight, Mrs. Swift?" I ask a little softly, making sure no one else hears even though the door is shut.

"You will be able to know when you go home, you will then be able to see how far you have come. If we show you your weight now, you might want to lose that. Okay, so how are you this morning?" She asks sitting on her stool spinny chair while holding her white clipboard with a pen in her right hand, ready to write at any moment.

"Good, I am a bit homesick, and cold because my room is cold, but otherwise I am happy this morning." I say watching her write down some things on her clipboard.

"I will make sure your room is warmer, okay?"

"Yes, thank you."

"Okay, last question of the morning with me, how well have you been eating lately?" She asks watching my hands twitch.

"Do I have to answer that?" I ask in more of a whisper, knowing that my eating habits aren't great still.


"Mrs. Rivers has been watching me, and I have been having to stay after while everyone else can leave the table. She ends up making me something different that I usually eat." I say looking at the floor, feeling bad knowing that I need to eat so I can get better.

"Okay, I talked to Mrs. Sarah yesterday afternoon and we both have decided to sit you next to some older girls that may support you to eat more. So go to have meals the same, just wait until Mrs. Sarah walks into the room to place you. Okay? Just listen though, Kasey, your weight is doing great, you are on the right track to going home and being healthy, but with that comes eating more. So, if you know where I am going, it means your meals are going to be a little bigger of a plate." She says slipping the piece of paper into my folder and opening the door to call the next person in. I jump off the table, put my robe on as well as my slippers and walk back to my room.

As I enter my room, I open my drawers and put on some clothes: skinny jeans, Nike socks, long-sleeved school track shirt, and braided my hair back. I grabbed my purple iPod Nano off of the night stand and played the song 'White Horse' by Taylor Swift. I began to walk out of my room and into the yellow kitchen where breakfast will be served.

"Good Morning, Kasey!" Mrs. Sarah (Mrs. Rivers) says to me with a smile across her face. She pulls out my ear buds and takes my iPod away, where she drops it into her pocket for meal time.

"Sorry, good morning, Mrs. Sarah." I say disappointed by the losing of my iPod.

"You can sit next to Abby and Samantha. They are right there. Ladies stand up please and let Kasey through. Just do what I told you to, okay Abby and Sam?" She says pointing to them both as I sit down with some orange juice, bacon, and milk with fruity pebbles. Abby has granola with apple juice as her drink, and a biscuit. On my right side, Samantha has milk with granola, orange juice, and a biscuit too. Mrs. Sarah sets my food down as well as my drink and starts to watch me and everyone else.

"Ladies, go ahead and eat, that means you too, Kasey." She says looking at me and my full plate of food. The good thing is my favorite cereal is fruity pebbles, I love bacon, and orange juice has always been my favorite morning drink. I nod my head and pick up some bacon and place it into my mouth, tasting the greasy yet delicious salty and meaty flavor. I finish my two pieces of bacon and head on to sip some of my orange juice, I do so but end up drinking the whole thing. After a spoonful of cereal I continue to eat and finish. Mrs. Sarah nods to me and smiles, I get up and put my dishes in the empty dishwasher and walk over to Mrs. Sarah.

"Please may I have my iPod back?" I ask while looking at everyone else who are still eating their meals.

"Are you still hungry?" She asks watching me carefully.


"Then here, but do not come in here again with that or I will take it away for two hours. Go back to your room and check your schedule and good job eating today, I am very impressed, we will talk later during your free time." She smiles at me, handing back my iPod, then I walk away, thinking maybe this will be easier than I thought it to be.
Published: 8/27/2012
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