A New Beginning - Part 6

Kasey has gone through many struggles in her life but is her life worse than others at the clinic? Has she made friends? Will those friends keep by her side throughout their time at the clinic?
I walked back into my room, closing the door and spotting a small envelope with my name written neatly on the top. I licked the top of my pointer finger and ripped the envelope open. As I began to read the letter, I sat down on my bed, laying my iPod on the desk.

My Dearest Daughter Kasey,

I love you very much and I want you to know how hard it was to send you off to the clinic, but I know it will help you in the long run. Please forgive me, I know you might hate me forever but this is for your own good, because I love you Kasey and I don’t want to be the only one left in my family. The only way we are going to get through our loss is by turning our lives around. This for you means eating right and properly, then getting your education by being homeschooled. For me, I will be going to work and setting up for you to be homeschooled coming your arrival back home. Remember I love you and this will be better for us in the end run.

How are you doing? I received an email from Mrs. Sarah explaining how well she thinks you are doing. I am very proud of you and I want you to really realize that. In the past I may have told your sister that more than you but I am telling you this now. I love you and I am very proud of you. I know you are probably reading this and thinking that you don’t care and just want to move on with your life. I will send you more letters like this one, at least every couple of days. Now I am proud of you Kasey, so keep up the good work and attitude towards your time at the clinic. Hope to visit you soon.


I could feel the tears begin to slip down my cheek as I folded up the letter and slid it back into the envelope. I laid it on my desktop and fell onto my bed, curling up into a ball. The tears were streaming down my face now as I heard my door creak open. I looked up just a little bit to see Mrs. Sarah standing in the doorway with her arms cross over her chest. She walked over to the bed and began rubbing circles on my back in a soothing, motherly way.

"Did you read your mother's letter?" She asks me in a calm tone, opening her arms for me to crawl into, just like my mother used to do with me.

"Yea." I croak out, crawling into her open arms and hugging Mrs. Sarah like I would do with my mother.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I hear her say to me as she sits back against the wall of the bed.

"No." I croak out again, laying my head on Mrs. Sarah’s shoulder, feeling like a child once again.

"Okay, well then we need to get you prepared for class which starts in 15 minutes." Mrs. Sarah says to me, laying me back down on the bed and walking out of my room leaving me alone again. I quickly get up off my bed and rush over to my desk, picking up my iPod. I grab my homework and backpack, running out of my room and to my first class of History.

"Good morning, Kasey. Nice to have you joining us, do you have a pass?" Mrs. Taylor asks me, nodding towards a young girl named Bridget.

"No." I say shyly, watching her expression soften as I watch Mrs. Sarah walk into the room.

"She was with me, I am sorry she did not bring a note, I will remember next time. I also need to speak to Brian?" Mrs. Sarah asks Mrs. Taylor who is pointing to my new seat in the back of the room. I collect my books off of my old desk and walk to the back of the classroom, finding my new seat uncomfortable considering I am sitting next to Brian and Charlie.

Brian is a 13-year-old boy who is anorexic. His parents used to abuse him and tell him that his life was useless. One day while his parents were out looking for a new front door hinge, Brian ran away. He had his backpack, clothes, water, food, sleeping bag, and a tent. He ran to a nearby bus stop and paid the driver to drive him to a nearby orphanage. The driver took his money and began driving to the orphanage until two adults stepped onto the bus. Brian said his parents had gotten on the bus and grabbed him but his hair, pulling him off the bus. The driver of the bus called 911, issuing an abusive parent. The police officers sent Brian’s parents to prison for abusing him while he went to a different orphanage in the area.

When Brian arrived there, the supervisors took all of his stuff and tossed it in the garbage. The supervisors turned on him so whenever somebody did something, they would blame Brian and he would get punished. He soon started cutting and then stopped eating; the supervisors saw him one day weighing him and sent him here, to this clinic. He told that story to me during our first day in History class, I felt so bad for him. Suffering because of what his parents did to him, then suffering some more to leave and be happy in heaven. After he told me that story, I have looked at him a different way, a nicer and more depressing way; I feel bad for him.

Charlie is only 12 years old and started his journey here at the clinic when he was only ten. When Charlie was only nine, his father died in the Afghan. War. Then a few months later his older brother signed up for the military to fight for what his dad died for. Charlie cried after his older brother left him and his mother for the war. All his older brother said was "I will be back, I love you Charlie, don’t do anything stupid". Charlie did. He began to cut by using a Swiss Army knife his mother kept in one the cabinets in his basement. After about a year of waiting to hear from his older brother (Mark), Mark wrote a letter to him and his mother. He told them how hard training was for him because of his weaknesses. Mark said that he would be leaving for war in a few days.

When Charlie’s tenth birthday came up, a soldier arrived at their home. The soldier told Charlie and his mother that Mark had died in a bombing accident with the enemies. Mark died on Charlie’s birthday. After a few months of mourning about Mark, Charlie stopped eating completely. He said he had planned out his death: become anorexic and starve his body until the hospital then take an overdose of pills. Charlie’s mother was worried about him during the time and finally realized that he was anorexic, which is how he was sent to the clinic. Now two years later and Charlie has only gained ten pounds bringing his weight to a mere: 75 pounds. When he arrived at the clinic Charlie had weighed only 65 pounds and looked like a legit stick. But, now he is my friend and I respect him more for what he has been through, like how he respects me.

Mrs. Taylor asked Brian to leave the room with Mrs. Sarah. He obeyed and followed. I just sat there, taking out my materials for class, with Charlie doodling on his page next to me.

"What are we doing today?" I ask Charlie who seems to be endlessly daydreaming and not thinking about how much trouble he could get in, for not paying attention in class.

"Umm, I don’t know. I think learning about Hernando Cortes and his army, but if you can’t tell I am not even listening to that woman." He tells me, continuing his doodle to the point where the side of the paper is completely cluttered with drawings.

"Oh well, okay, thanks. How are you today? Did your mom send a letter yet?" I ask Charlie who turns his head to find his eyes welled up with tears.

"No. Mrs. Sarah, said she ‘forgot’ again!! I am just depressed and I might need to go and see Mrs. Laura for some counseling." He said to me, raising his hand, high, to allow Mrs. Taylor to see. "Bye Kasey, talk to you later."

"Bye Charlie, good luck." I say waving to him as he walks out of the classroom door, leaving my mind endless with thoughts.
Published: 11/19/2012
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