A New Beginning - Part 7

Friends come and go... but only the true ones stay.
I awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the lawn in the process of being mowed. I sleepily crawl out of bed and set my feet onto the warmer wooden floorboards. I leave the comfort of my own bed for the comfort of some new day clothes and breakfast. The sun is shining in through the small window above my bed, while I cast a shadow onto my bed from the light. I reach for my iPod onto my dresser as I scroll through some songs to start my day with, I choose: Try - Pink.

I walk into the kitchen with the smell of some toast, scrambled eggs, and the white milk with granola. I see Charlie sitting on the inside of the table, alone, with a depressing emotion sliced onto his face. I walk over to Mrs. Sarah who holds her hand out to take my earphones, but instead I take them out and hand my iPod to her all with no sound. She smiles at me and says good morning, our daily conversation until after breakfast. I take a plate out of the dishwasher and place it on the countertop, filling it with scrambled eggs, a slice of toast with some butter, and some milk and brown sugar flavored granola. I scooch myself next to Charlie who doesn't even notice me. I touch his arm and he flinches but manages to peer over to stare into my eyes, I smile.

"What happened yesterday?" I quietly ask Charlie who seems to be intrigued in his deep thoughts, this morning.

"I talked to Mrs. Sarah and she said my mom has changed our address, which means she moved." He mumbles, allowing a small tear to slide from his eyes down to his cheek where the water drops onto the table without a sound.

"I'm sorry to hear that Charlie, maybe she just wants the best for you, so maybe moving was her only option. Don't get too down about it; if you eat enough here, then maybe we will both get out of here for a visit. Think about the good side not the bad." I say to Charlie who smiles at me and begins eating his, cold, food again. I look over at him once last time and I recognize that he was eating with a smile spread across his genuine face.

As I finish up my project for English class, Brian walks over to me and sits down on the desk next to mine. He smiles but a depressing smile, as if something terrible has just occurred.

"Hey Brian!" I say to him with a smile, showing my straight white teeth.

"Hi." He says to me, looking down at his fumbling hands that seem too busy for words.

"What's wrong?" I ask him, wondering if this had something to do with the fact that he couldn't eat properly, so he cannot visit his parents this weekend.

"Mrs. Sarah said I can't go home this weekend, for a visit." He says, tears streaming down his pale face and onto his cold, white hands. I take his hands in mine and rub small circles on his pale, white knuckles. He looks up, a bit disturbed but all I can say is silence, knowing that is what he needs and comfort is what I want.

"Aw. I am sorry to hear that. Did she say why?" I ask him, watching him clear his throat while the tears rest on his rosy cheeks.

"She said I have to move back to the blue kitchen so that she can watch me eat. What work do you have to do today?" He asks me changing the subject, converting his eyes to Mrs. Powell who seems to be intrigued in helping Susanne with her classwork.

"Oh. But, it is okay because now Charlie, you, and I can help each other get out of here faster by using one another as a motivational technique. I think I have to finish my English project before Mrs. Powell begins another section tomorrow. I have only another paragraph to write about the new vocabulary words, then I can turn it in. Why? What do you have to get done today?" I ask, letting his hands rest on his pants while I turn myself around to the desk. I pull out two blank sheets of paper and begin writing about a new vocabulary section we learned last week on: Why is vocabulary used in the English language?

"I guess, I am just upset because I was so close to going home for two days to see my mom and dad, but now I have to be watched again. Oh. I finished that yesterday while I was with Mrs. Sarah, she pretty much gave me all the answers but I would love to help you, at least if you want me to?" He says, freeing his depressing face into his famous fake smile.

"Lucky! I went to see Mrs. Powell for help yesterday after school and she just told me to get it done. I asked her for help, but she just gave me some key points for how to hold my pen properly. That nutcase." We both laughed. Brian gets up out of his chair and walks over to Mrs. Powell, I just watch intently as both expressions change. Mrs. Powell points to me and Brian happily marches back over.

"Mrs. Powell said that you and I could go and see Mrs. Sarah now. I need to talk to her anyway for guidance and you could ask her for help on that project. Here, this a pass from Mrs. Powell for Mrs. Sarah, I already have mine in my pocket. Ready?" He grabs my backpack, and helps me out of my seat, blushing, when I take my backpack back and slip it over my shoulders.

"Good Afternoon, Brian and Kasey. How are you both doing this morning?" Mrs. Sarah asks us in her chirpy morning voice, smiling at our facial expressions.

"Morning Mrs. Sarah, I am good but Brian said you helped him finish his English project, so I was wondering if you could help me." I ask hoping for a better answer than Mrs. Powell’s.

"When is it due?" She asks me, allowing me to take a deep breath and concentrate on school not the boy staring at me.

"Umm, today in like an hour." I say smiling an awkward smile while staring straight into Mrs. Sarah’s hazel eyes.

"Today?! Kasey! What did I say when you first started school here?" She asks me, slamming her hand down on the table, acting like my mother when I was home.

"Yes, but I didn’t have time last night to finish it because I was watching a movie and talking to Mr. Smith about family problems and stuff. You told me to always do my homework ahead of time rather than procrastinate and finish it last minute. But can you help me finish it please?" I ask her, while she stands up, crossing her arms showing stress.

"Fine. But Kasey this is the only time I will help you with a project, last minute. Understand?" She asks, pointing me to a small desk next her.

"Thank you."

I say smiling and walking over to the desk, laying my books and bag on the ground. Brian on the other hand just follows me and pulls my chair out for me to sit on. I just smile and take his offer allowing my voice to say thank you. Mrs. Sarah tells Brian to sit in the bean bag seat, helping him with his small problems of family life.

"So where are we at on the project? Part one or two?" Mrs. Sarah speaks to me, while pulling some papers out of my folder and laying them on the desk.

"Part two. I have to turn it in today, I just have the two paragraphs to finish writing then I am done." I say confidently.

"Okay, so why do we use important vocabulary words in conversations?" She asks me, reading my first paragraph.

"Because, so we sound smarter than the average person?" I say, questions my train of thoughts.

"No. So if I were talking to you about Mr. Smith and I said that he said that you have reverted back to your old eating habits. Why would that sound more professional then just saying you have gone back?" She asks me staring into my blue eyes, but also turning around to see that Brian is pacing back and forth.

"Hold on Kasey. Brian, what is wrong dear?" She asks him pointing to the bean bag chair, waiting for an answer.

"Nothing." He says, zoning out.

"Please sit back down, and think. Then when I am done with Kasey we can talk, would you allow that?" She asks him, speaking like she is talking to a child.

"Okay. But I think Kasey should stay." He says staring at me with pleading eyes.

"Why?" Mrs. Sarah says, looking back and forth between us.

"Because, because. I don’t know." Brian speaks, stuttering with the answer.

"Kasey, would you mind staying for a little while? I will allow you to leave the room to turn in your project, okay?" Mrs. Sarah tells me.

"Okay that works." I say, watching as Brian walks back to the bean bag chair and sits down, staring at me.



"Kasey, go turn this into Mrs. Powell, please and give this note to her. But before you leave the room, allow her to at least give you a response, because she might want you to stay in the room and take notes instead of being with me. Thank you."

Mrs. Sarah hands me a piece of paper with my project stapled on it. I walk through the door, only looking back to see Brian with his fumbling hands still staring at me.

I walk through the small hallway back into our English classroom, stopping to see Mrs. Powell standing in front of the door.

"Give it to me." She says, sternly. I hand her the note and my project, only a small smile approaching my lips.

"Okay, go. But you must come to me on Friday to retrieve the rest of the new material we are learning today." Mrs. Powell says, opening and closing the door to her classroom, leaving me alone again in the hallway.
Published: 1/21/2013
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