A New Beginning - Part 8

A new beginning for a new love.
I walk slowly back to Mrs. Sarah’s classroom to hear what Brian has to say for himself. I just keep thinking about him, all day, every day, there is never a way around it. I am most definitely not saying I am falling in love with Brian because that would be a crazy thought. No, in my opinion, my mind just wanders and finds memories of Brian. The funny thing is, we don’t talk much anymore except for English class or if we watch a movie together on Fridays. I know what you are thinking, so stop thinking that!! It was not a date plus Charlie was sitting with us, so it was more of a friend’s night out, relaxing if I may say so myself.

Personally, I think dating as a little ridiculous, we all know what will happen in the end and the beginning. So it starts with the boy liking the girl, they date for a year or less, then he either cheats or wants to move on to a girl with a better and non-boring personality. The girl cries her heart out, knowing she will never find another guy like ‘him’ again, then the next year she is already dating someone else. Come on people, the cycle just keeps going round and round through our teenage years, it only stops for marriage but that won’t happen until we are 20ish. So when I say I do not like Brian, it’s because I don’t want to go through the same cycle every girl and boy go through, it just becomes boring and irrelevant to my lifetime.

By the time my thought process is over, I am already standing at Mrs. Sarah’s door, hearing the sobs of Brian. She keeps telling him to calm down, but he just gets worse and worse. I really have an urge to just walk back to my room, but last time I was caught leaving school, I was grounded for two weeks. I open the door slightly, but soon realizing it is locked, I knock quietly on the hardwood. Soon enough, more like a few seconds, Brian opens the door for me, wipes away the tears that caused his face to turn bright red. I giggle a little, picturing him as a tomato sitting in a field of corn, I don’t know why I am thinking this but it amuses me. Brian just lets go of the door handle, watching as I walk into the silent and awkwardness of the room in front of me. I swear I could hear a pin drop; it was terrible until Mrs. Sarah stood up.

"Okay, Brian I will give you ten minutes to relax, take a deep breath, and calm down. I will be back later to talk to you, in the meantime relax, please; I do not want to deal with that again. As for you Kasey, just sit still and I will be back in a few, I have just gotten an emergency call from a worried mother. Be back soon, please relax, Brian. Thank you." Mrs. Sarah tells us calmly, and efficiently, while walking out of the room and into the main lobby to address the secretary about the emergency. I turn to Brian who is already walking towards me, wiping the tears from his face. He takes my hand in his and sits in the bean bag chair next to my seat, I think my heart skipped a beat.

"What happened?" I ask Brian who seems to be more interested in my hand than my question.

"Just a melt down to get Mrs. Sarah to leave us alone for a few minutes. Why?" He asks me, my heart fading away into an awe of love.

"Just wondering…" I say, looking away from his amazing eyes and around the room, awkwardly.

"Sorry." He says to me, bowing his head to stare at the colored floor prints. I just sigh and take his hand in mine, feeling his heartbeat even in the silence of the room.

"You don’t have to say sorry, I like it anyway." I say smiling at him, loving the silence more than before. He pulls me onto the bean bag chair to sit with him and I accept, happily.

So maybe, I do have a small crush on Brian.

Just as I begin to talk to Brian again, Mrs. Sarah knocks on the door. I quickly jump off Brian, his head shaking.

"I will leave you two alone, don’t worry Kasey, he won’t hurt you." Mrs. Sarah whispers to me, closing the door as she smiles through the window again, walking back down the hall. I smile to myself, a happy smile, a smile full of love and not heartbreak for once.

"Hey Brian, can I ask you something?" I say, breaking the silence between us.

"Sure." He says, confidently, his thumb rubbing circles on my fingers.

"What happened to you a few years ago that made you anorexic?" I ask, smiling at him, remembering my first skipped meal.

"I’d rather not talk about it, sorry." He says to me, letting go of my hand, standing up, and walking around the room nervously.

"It’s okay Brian, you know everyone has a story behind their life, just tell me please." I say, standing up and touching his shoulder, gently, hearing him sigh.

"I already told you once before." He says admitting the obvious.

"I know, but I love hearing it. Then if you won’t tell me that, then tell me why you are so nice to me?" I ask, almost in a whisper; my breath hitting the air like a thousand crystals.

"Because, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on, your smile, your teeth, your laugh, your body, your posture, everything is amazing. I don’t know what it is about love that makes me so cautious, but I know for once I have fallen in love with a best friend. Kasey, you are perfect to my eyes, you take my breath away every time you speak or hold my hand, honestly, I am in love with you." He says, staring at the floor, nervously. His hands begin to fidget every time my breath hits the air.

"Brian." I say, he's heading perching straight up to look into my eyes, almost as if he was under a love potion. I take his hand within mine and lace our fingers, creating a connection, a happy connection, something I have been waiting for, for years.

As Mrs. Sarah was turning off lights in each room, and classroom, I walked over to her. She shut one last door before walking right into me, causing both of us to become startled.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry, Kasey, I didn't see you there. Is everything alright?" She asks me, walking past and shutting off my light, closing my door slightly.

"Umm yeah, it’s okay. Do you think I could talk to you?" I ask her, while she just stands there with her hand on her hip like my mother would always do to me.

"Absolutely, why don’t we talk in your room." She says, opening the door and turning on the lights again, sitting on my bed.

"What’s up, kiddo?" She asks me laughing a bit, causing small giggles to escape my mouth.

"Brian likes me, and I like him but I don’t know what to do." I say feeling silly. The question appeared way more professional in my head than aloud.

"Ohh, the dating phase. Your parents never talked to you about this, I got you. So what do you think you should do?" Mrs. Sarah asks, sweeping back a hair off my face and back behind my ear.

"I don’t know, that is why I wanted to talk to you about it." I say, looking around the room and the clock that read 10:45 pm.

"Well, Kasey, that is not up to me to decide. It all depends on how Brian feels and will react around you. Yes, I do know you two love each other and you know why I am accepting that?" She says.

"No." I speak.

"I allow it because you two are finally happy and can express each other's feelings. It is like you two plus Charlie, you guys are like three M&M’s, each with different colors but the same taste in the middle. I think that you all could get out of here so quickly if you work together. Kasey, this morning when I saw Charlie feeling down, then you talked to him and made a smile spread across his face like jelly, it made me smile. You are so special with people, I remember when you first came here, you wouldn't have anything to do with the other children, now look at you, almost healthy and a great friend. You know, Mrs. McShay loves how you react with her now at the front desk, because she enjoys talking with you and seeing you smile, it makes her day. And you know I think when you helped Charlie, it made his day too, or when you comfort Brian it makes his day. You are a very special and caring girl, Kasey, so don’t ever change that." She tells me, a tear falling from my eye, down my cheek and onto my hand that wipes it away almost immediately.

"Thank you Mrs. Sarah." I say, hearing my door shut then open with a wide-eyed Brian, I giggle.

"What happened?! Why are you crying?!" Brian throws at me.

"It’s okay Brian, Mrs. Sarah and I were just talking, no need to worry." I say, giggling at his care towards me.

"Oh. Okay. Well, I was having a nightmare, do you mind if I sleep with you tonight?" He says, blushing furiously. I smile and open my covers up to him, he snuggles in next to me, closing his eyes.

"I love you, Kasey, I hope this is a new beginning for the both of us, plus Charlie. Goodnight baby." He whispers to me, burying his head into the crook of my neck. I smile and realize who my true friends are, who the people I love most are, and the new beginning of a new chapter I am creating.
Published: 2/13/2013
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