A Night at the Bar - Chapter 2

Rachel goes home to make a shocking discovery...
"H-hello?" Rachel looked around, heart pounding loudly in her chest, she felt as if she was in some sort of movie, "I-is someone there?"

No answer.

Rachel continued to walk, putting it in her head that she was really close to her house, I’m almost there, almost there. She felt as if she was being stalked, like someone who she didn’t know could see her every move. She found herself thinking of the man who had been following Cindy in the bar, she thought of his reddish hair, and his eyes that had a purple glow to them.

Rachel began to rush towards her block when the "Jordan Ave" sign peered in from the side of a tree, it had taken her well over twenty minutes to get to her one-story home, however on her way to the bar it had only taken about five since Cindy had picked her up.

The overwhelming darkness draped itself around her body, the faint shadows of nearby trees and houses that had dimmed lights outside could only be seen.

Suddenly, another twig snapped.

Rachel gulped a bit heavier than she’d expected and dashed up to her front doorstep, glancing over her shoulder with every last move that she made, as the stalking - feeling returned to join her rising fear. She was cold, tired, and shaky now - all she wanted to do was take a shower and dive into her plush bed.

A bush began to ruffle, and then slow, steady footsteps followed.
Rachel dug through her clutch in a hurry for her house key, as the footsteps became louder with every second that rolled by, "C’mon!" She whispered to herself, she felt a brass object and pulled it out, "Shoot!" it was a tube of lipstick, she dug around some more and found the key alas.

"Hahahahaha…" A quiet, muffled voice pierced her ears through the sudden silence of the night.

She shoved the key into the slot and jingled it until the front door jerked open, "Whew!" Rachel flew in and shut the door behind her, and turned the two locks just to ensure her security.

The house was too quiet, the normal noises like the air conditioning, or the fridge running weren’t present. A few lights were on and she still didn’t feel quite right, but assumed it was from the eerie experience she just had walking home.

Rachel set her purse and key on the table next to the door, and walked towards her bedroom to undress and hop into the tub.


Rachel got out of the bathtub feeling very clean and satisfied, but very hungry. And so she slipped into a nightshirt and headed towards the kitchen, to see what kind of goodies awaited her in the pantry.

"Da dum, dada, lalala," she sang to herself softly to break the creepy silence in her house, looking in the fridge, she realized there was nothing to eat other than milk, cheese, and a yogurt cup, so she settled on a bag of chips and a movie to calm her nerves.

Rachel crunched the barbecue-flavored goodness as she stepped into her family room that had a forty-two inch flat screen TV - perfect to watch her favorite drama, "Willow’s Goodbye.

She stepped into the room and realized that she wasn’t alone, she flipped on the lights, and a red-haired man with purple-tinted eyes stared at her…
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Published: 9/26/2012
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