A Night at the Bar - Chapter 3

Rachel is taken by the man to a van, where she can't believe what she sees...
Rachel stared into the man’s glowing eyes, "W-who are you?" She felt her heartbeat quicken in her chest, with every breath she took.

"Who am I?" The man repeated, "You really don’t know who I am?"

"N-no, please go!" Rachel begged, "I won’t call the cops, if you go now!"

"That’s right Rachel, you won’t call the police, because guess what?" He grabbed the answering machine phone from the coffee table and tossed it onto the ground. The pieces of it shattered, and all the inner components were revealed, "You don’t have a phone."

"What do you want from me?" Rachel didn’t know what to say or what to do to get this strangely familiar man out of her house.

"I want you to stay quiet."

"Just please, leave m-"

"Rachel," the man reached for her face, petrified, she didn’t back away, "It’s all gonna be fine," he moved her hair from her face.

"Please," Rachel’s eyes glistened with forming tears, "What do you want?"

"Rachel, I need you to get in my car, there’s someone waiting for you."

"NO! Just go, stay away!" She walked back from him and ran into the kitchen, the man closely behind.

Rachel knocked over tables and chairs behind her to slow him down, just until she could get her cell phone and call 911.

This though didn’t stop the man from gripping her arm from about a foot behind her, "There’s no reason to even try honey," he demonically grinned, "One way or another, you’re coming with me."

"Stop!" Rachel tried to free herself from his grasp by pulling away, but to no prevail, he began to drag her towards the front door, "Help me! Hel-"

The fire-haired man pasted a strip of duct tape over her mouth, it was on so tight, she could barely move her lips.

Rachel tried to resist, but the man was overpowering with his brute strength.

Soon enough, she was pulled outside to face the darkness, and dragged to the black van hidden behind a small field of trees.

"Here we are…" The man whispered in her ear, and pulled open the car door.

Rachel gasped at the sight of a handsome man with black hair, who smirked with a sense of evil, the man was Mason…
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Published: 10/1/2012
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