A Night at the Bar - Chapter 5

Rachel goes home and makes yet another shocking discovery.
"I-I know this man," Rachel gulped.

"Okay," Mason grabbed one of the pictures, "Then who is it?"

"I never met him, but he was following Cindy all night long."

"Did you overhear any of their conversations?" He asked.

"N-no, I was with you all night - wait is that why you were at the bar? Because you knew Nicolai would be there?" Rachel wondered.

"No, actually I was just out having fun, the fact that he was there was just a coincidence as far as I-" He paused in shock, "I’ll be right back."
Mason ran out of the room, leaving Rachel alone with multiple pictures of Nicolai sitting on the table. She picked one up, and stared at the man’s dark and straightened hair, his eyes were devilish, almost completely black. This man was dangerous, in fact he was satin himself.
"Cindy, please be okay," she muttered to herself.

Just then, Mason returned to the room, with another stack of manila files clutched tightly in his arms, "Rachel, we have another theory for why he was there, and it might not have to do with you."
"Yeah? And what’s that?" Rachel questioned.

"We believe that he was spying on me, and since I’m the head agent, he followed my every move. He followed me to the bar, and kidnapped Cindy as a threat or to throw us off, you’re not the one he’s after, he’s looking for me."

"Does that mean I can finally go back home?"

"Well, as long as you are staying away from strange men, or mysterious people, I don’t see any reason to keep you here." Mason informed.

Rachel pushed back her hair and stood up, "Great, then let’s head out."

"Well, we have to, uh." Mason gave her a strange look.

"What now?" Rachel slumped down.

"We, have to put you back to sleep, because you aren’t supposed to know the secret service location."

"Seriously? Who would I tell?" Rachel continued.

"You’d be surprised."


"We’re here," Mason nudged Rachel’s sleepy body.

"Huh?" She groaned.

"We’re back at your house, don’t you want to get inside?" Mason asked.

"Right." Rachel groggily opened the car door and headed towards her house, "Bye. Thanks for, for, the ride?"

He laughed, "No problem."

Rachel slammed the car door shut and waved to Mason one last time, he then zoomed off towards the curb.


Rachel stepped into the kitchen after taking a warm bath, she felt like a zombie; groggy, tired, uncomfortable, hungry, and everything in between.
She dug through the fridge and settled on a piece of string cheese. She paced around the kitchen and pondered what she would do next: go to bed, or relax a while on the couch.
A loud thump interrupted her thoughts - it was coming from the TV room. Gathering her courage, Rachel reluctantly tiptoed to the room to see one of the lamps lit up.

"Hello, my dear." A accented voice whispered.

Rachel gasped and looked around. On the lounge chair in the corner, sat a dark and straight-haired man with devilish black eyes….


The End
Should there be a sequel?
Published: 10/20/2012
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