A Night I'll Never Forget

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"This is it," I informed myself, as the dark figure that haunted my soul emerge from the bushes. I clasped my hands against my chest, feeling the intensity of my heartbeats as they increased in tempo. A cold chill crawled up my spine and I could inhale the aroma of death.

It was a dark, stormy night and I had just returned home from a Friday evening's lessons. As I alighted a bus on my street corner, I'd noticed that it was drizzling so I quickly pushed and shoved myself through other passengers that got off spontaneously and sprinted up Duke's street.

Thunder echoed like gunshots in the air, as swift winds circulated the atmosphere. I could hear my neighbor's dog's howling at the detrimental weather conditions. As I arrived at the gate of my house, immediately something did not feel right. I suddenly felt a huge lump in my throat so I swallowed hard as I pushed open an unlocked gate.

As it creaked open, I frantically passed the back of my palm across my forehead, catching a few drops of perspiration and slowly walked into the yard. Suddenly heavy rains pelted from the dark, foggy sky above, pounding the earth with sheer vengeance and splashing all over me. I jerked forward and staggered through slimy moss, getting my newly bought blazers all damp and soiled by the mud. As I shut up a flight of wooden, dilapidated steps and plunged at the doorknob, to my utter disbelief it was locked.

Disappointment swallowed over me as disapproval colored my facial expression. I carefully descended the staircase and circle around to the back of the house. As I passed slowly along the stoned wall at the back of my house, two things occurred simultaneously. As a loud thunder exploded in the sky, I glanced in a bush ahead of me and saw a sudden moment of a shadow. I began to hyperventilate and suddenly felt the earth moving beneath me. I rushed indoors, forgetting to lock it behind me and started looking for telephone. Without hesitation I dialed the only number that I felt could save my life in a jiffy, the police. I rapidly muttered my name, location and current situation into the receiver as I passed to-and-fro unsteadily.

As soon as the line went dead, desperation and inflated fear engulfed my mood and a sudden shriek of panic electrocuted my insides, and I was on the verge of throwing up when the backdoor squeaked open.

I froze like a statue in a museum, unsure whether I should scream or make a run for it. I gave up until the next minute and sprinted through the front door that could have been easily opened from the inside. I raced through the rains, not caring if I were soaked entirely or not, and slipped in the mud, landing on my bottom in the greasy mud.

As I struggled to my feet, glancing ahead toward the bushes, I saw the dark figure approaching. I held up my hands in defense and inwardly prepared to die. As I stared at the dark figure, my eyes began to water; and before I could withdraw, a well of water came pouring out of my eyes, gushing thickly down my hot, red cheeks. I began to shiver as my heart throbbed against my rib cage, like African drums in my chest.

"Aalayah!" The stranger called. I squinted through the rain, trying to see the figure's face. "David!" I exclaimed, running into his arms. "You are so freaking cute when you're scared."

He purred in my ears. "That's not funny."
"I'm sorry."
"Look at you, all dressed up in a black raincoat. Why did you make me call the police?"

I searched for his eyes, and there they were; his emerald green, glassy, glittering eyes were the most beautiful thing I ever saw.
"I planned the whole thing," he smirked, "I had my dad answer the phone at the police station, once you called. They diverted your call directly to the main station, where he works."
"Nice, your dad's a cop."

I was so relieved; it wasn't funny. My awfully, sweet boyfriend played a mean prank on me, but I wasn't going down so easily. I was going to plot my revenge. Avenge him, was exactly what I am going to do!
What do you think of David?
He is a practiced killer/bandit.
He could have been the death of her.
He is really romantic and playful.
He loves the protagonist a lot and wouldn't purposely cause harm to her.
Published: 11/26/2012
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