A Night Not a Whole Life

To love in fear is a waste of time.
If fate decreed whatever will be will be,
Fate, destiny are all arranged and ruled by God.

I have seen the world change,
And it seems to spin faster with every passing,
So don’t be afraid, I won't ask for too much.

With my childhood faith I pray to God,
That he let go of your fear because baby where there is,
Fear there is no growth.

What do you fear, is it fear of what if tomorrow never comes,
Or the fear of facing your destiny while your friends watch?
Is it not better to be out of love than to be in secret love affair?

Not a penny, but a heart I promise you,
I have nothing but a heart that will love you in both low and high,
A heart that will stand by you if you let it.

So baby won’t you trade your fear for my love just for 12 hours?
Not a whole life but a night I asked of you.

I love you anyway with or without a night with you,
Please remember that.
Will a heart truly in love fear what others might think?
Sometimes, if it is worth it.
Published: 12/9/2019
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