A Nod's as Good as a Wink

Secret societies? Ancient aliens? Government propaganda? Who are the true power brokers?
Don't let the world know what we know,
The secret's ours to keep,
Keep it wrapped up in a shadow,
Don't let them probe too deep,
Hold your tongue, keep your silence,
Utter not a word,
Answer not to their questions,
Be seen, but go unheard.

What they don't know won't hurt them,
It's best to play it safe,
Keep it stowed behind the curtain,
We'll take it to the grave,
Some may dabble in guesswork,
Some may stumble on a clue,
But none will put it all together,
None will know the whole truth.

They're not ready for the truth yet,
They're so lost in their lies,
Let them wallow in their suffrage,
And all that it implies,
Let them think they hold the power,
Let them govern themselves,
Let them learn by their own mistakes,
There is not ours to help.

So while we still walk among them,
And flirt their curiosity,
Be careful not to let your guard down,
Hold your generosity,
Don't give away too many remedies,
Don't pour your caution down the sink,
For when they think they've got to know us,
A nod's as good as a wink!
Published: 2/27/2015
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