A Piece of Me, You will Always Have

For the man I love, and always will.
I met you so long ago,
But it does not feel that way,
I feel excited every time we are together,
Like we just met... again.

We live so far apart,
Yet our love is very close,
I hold your heart as you hold mine,
Sometimes it's hard to breathe in,
And accept that you are so far away.

You will always have a piece of me with you,
Because I will always love you,
And never want to let you go,
That would be like quitting,
Why you do that, you love.

I think of you constantly,
I love the thoughts I think of us,
Nothing could ever make me feel that way,
I've been through so much,
Yet you tend to be the one,
I would truly hate to lose.

I miss you, love you,
And will always hold on to the hope,
That we will become one,
And not be at a long distance love,
And will not keep living everyday away from each other.

You hold a piece of me and my heart,
I hold a piece of you in mine,
Forever you are my love,
As I am always your love at all times.
Published: 1/9/2014
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