A Place Where I'm Yours

Sometimes love is not meant to be...
When does it hurt the hardest for you?
When is your heart most likely to burst?
We both know that we can't go on like this,
And that staying together only makes it worse.

I fear that our love has run its course,
I feel there's nothing left to salvage,
And it breaks my heart in this conclusion,
That it's too late to repair the damage.

We both know that we've tried so hard,
To turn reality on its fairy tale head,
But a principle, uncompromised, is never immune,
To the hurt felt when the truth is said.

We both say too much of the truth these days,
And I suppose, here I go, blaming you again,
And I'm sorry, for I know I'm as much to blame,
And passing blame won't make a difference.

You know I love you and that I always will,
But sometimes a love takes a different course,
Like when certain decisions create parallel worlds,...
I'm sure there's a place where I'm yours.
Published: 6/1/2018
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