A Plea

Situational fear
He took away everything
That she had ever known
Time after time he clipped the wings
With which she had flown.
With a lonely sigh
She held onto her pain
As she tried to figure out
What reliving it would gain.
What can I say?
How can I tell you
That each and every day
I know what she's going through.
It once happened to me
It could happen to you
How can I make you see
That this has to be true?
This isn't something you lie about
This isn't some sick game
I wonder how you can doubt it
When you've never felt the same?
It's been done to kids
And adults, too
Are we sold to the highest bidders?
Is there anything we can do?
Take your time
And believe what you want
This is a painful crime
Not something you'd want to flaunt...
Published: 8/31/2009
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