A Poem About HeartBreak Called "The Dance"

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago. Any comments would be greatly appreciated good or bad I'm still young I can handle the criticism thank you!
The Dance

The rhythm in my soul grows
as the tempo slows down
to a gentle waltz accompanied by a small symphony
after that I knew this night would end with melancholy

The music sparks the dance in her step
we waltzed around as if it was heaven right then
later tonight, chances are that I might be lying on the floor staring into her eyes
as if they were gleaming stars up on a foggy night

She responded "this is crazy you're a guy I hardly know!"
And I respond "It's up to you to find if your heart can listen to my soul"

The clock struck twelve and I expected her to go
but she reluctantly said no, she wanted to dance a little more
she grabbed my arm and said "lets go, its getting a little cold"
stumbling along we ended up on the dance floor once more

Feeling the rhythm of life
I thought this would turn out to be one hell of a night
and it turned out to be
but that's one thing I didn't see right away
I was right in the beginning
this night did end with melancholy
but not a complete tragedy
don't bother looking for me

Chances are I'm lying on the ground
staring at the sunny sky with scattered clouds
while I whisper to myself "let the rhythm of life ring...
in the soul of every being."
Did you enjoy the poem?
Yes, but it still needs improvement
No, it needs a lot of work
Published: 10/18/2007
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