A Prayer To Death

I am back from hell....I hate to admit it, but I survived from death....With lots of bleeding from my body by my cutter and lots of damage to my soul of course....But death wouldn't accept me....How pathetic is that? Maybe I should try slashing my wrists deeper this time....Then death would surely accept me....Can anyone guess that I am an emo?
Blood dripping from a slightly tanned branch,
Like snow from an avalanche.

Dripping onto the floor,
And streaming out under the door.

People see, people saw, people seen,
Oh god have they ever witnessed such a scene?

They scream, they shriek, they yell
But no one can express their emotions well.

Saw, heard, felt
Don't they know that a heart can melt?

They can't accept me for who I am,
even when I walk towards death's lamp.

I am lost,
Ready to give my soul at every cost.

So take me, break me, destroy me,
I am asking on bended knee.

The cherries bury in the snow,
My pain none could know.

I sleep,
For my wicked sins I should weep.

But eternal darkness welcomes me,
Also they slowly beckon to thee...
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