A Priestly Journey

I see Jesus in You. This poem is dedicated to my new-found Christian friend Emmanuel.
This walk, you walk,
I see it inspiring,
Your humble heart,
Ordained in you for a testimony.

Your needs,
I knew it in silence,
Your soul, long for a living God.

Not for once, I questioned,
The source of your strength,
For I had the answer in the book,
The pastor gave me.

Though in a soiled world,
He set you apart for himself,
The road is rough but you must persevere.

Fear not brother,
For today and the days to come,
Answer your call.

The Lord wants you for himself,
Until you become,
He will plead your cause.

In your walk,
I see grace and glory,
In it I am motivated to know,
My creator better.

From strength to strength you shall go,
In your heart, you have made a room for him,
And that my brother it counts.
What do you think guys?
Very good poem, keep writing.
Fair pull-up.
Thanks for writing, I love it.
Published: 12/26/2016
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