A Promise to Keep - Chapter 1

Can love win his battle against Revenge? Well, yes!! But it needs STRENGTH... strength to forgive other people's mistakes. But Revenge uses hate that slowly kills its leader. Who will win this battle? Will she choose past for her family? Or decide to move forward and continue her life with her beloved?
It was snowing, the graveyard was covered in white so we could easily notice the young person wearing black, handing purple flowers. It was Arayo sitting near her father's grave, it's been 5 years since he was murdered in a mysterious situation. She managed to come visit him on the anniversary of his death - every November 18th - to tell him about her news. But this time it was different; she was very close from realizing her dream, she could proudly tell him that she's about to graduate from college, so she can apply for the PNJ (Japanese national police) and finally be able to investigate about her father's death. She was very excited and well-prepared to take her last exams and start working as a detective.

While she was promising her father to find his killer and put him behind bars, she suddenly couldn't feel the cold soft snowflakes falling on her bare curly long hair anymore. She looked up, a dark blue umbrella was covering her. She got up quickly with an angry look on her face and turned to face a 6 feet tall man with large shoulders, a black woolen hat on his head, and a Kashmir black coat. Arayo hated to be disturbed (even by her closest friend) especially on a day like that. She preferred to spend the whole day alone. She sat near her father's grave for hours and lost herself in her memories a thousand million ones, emotions, she felt free to talk about whatever she wanted, just like she had always done when her father when he was alive. Then once she reached home, she played his favorite rock'n roll music band and lie on her bad till she fell asleep.

He could see the sparkle of anger in her eyes but he just ignored it and said with a warm smile on his face. "You may catch cold Ms. Natsumy, tomorrow is a big day, you'd better avoid getting sick!!" Her anger turned into surprise; who was that man? And how could he know so much about me? She thought. Before she could say a thing, she heard him say, "Don't be that surprised I used to know your father and he used to talk a lot about you, I know I would find you here..."

"Oh! But knowing my father doesn't allow you to spy me!" She managed to say.
"Please excuse my rudeness ma'am I wish we could have met in a different situation. Well, my name is Nicholas Ottawa you can call me Nick," he gave her a hand to shake that she ignored.
"Well, Mr. Ottawa, how can I help you?" Desperately he put back his hand in his pocket and replied, "I have something to tell you about Mr. Natsumy. Can I invite you to coffee?" She managed to refuse but after a little she accepted. He may be useful, she thought.
Published: 2/24/2014
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