A Promise to Keep - Chapter 2 (Part 2)

She arrived to the place indicated on the small map by sunset. It was an old forgotten Asiatic restaurant. She checked the address to make sure she wasn’t mistaken, and then opened the door, the bell below rung. To her surprise it wasn’t a dirty place; it was very cute and well decorated: a plastic Sakura tree with colored lights on the corner, a long table with various drinks were placed to the wall on her right, in the back, a large table with lot of colored boxes on it, all that took her attention, she looked for the switch to put on the lights and…

"SURPRISE!!" Screamed everyone: Jenna her best friend, Eric her brother, Burk her childhood friend and some of her classmates and persons she has never seen … "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you Arayo! Happy birthday to you."

"…Oh my God!! A surprise birthday party! …You’ve scared the hell out of me."
"I told you that it will work!" Said Jenna to Eric, then turned to face Arayo who was still choked.

"You’re welcome my dear, no need to thank us, you deserve better."
"I’m sorry, thanks a lot everyone, it was really kind of you but…" Jenna took her friend in her arms and whispered, "Don’t! you know those kind of opportunities doesn't come anytime." Then stepped back and said, "Well honey, I was just kidding, we all knew that you’ve been so busy those days revising, and all you needed was to have some fun, and that’s why we’re all here, am I wrong guys?!" Everybody agreed but Arayo was still hesitating.

"Ok then, excuse us for a sec, it’s in my duty to turn this lady in front of you to a real princess!!" She continued, everybody laughed.

The two girls got to a room in the back of the restaurant next to the kitchen, it must have been the boss’s office, it was - just like the rest of the restaurant - all made of wood, the room wasn’t so big but the large mirror on the right wall made it look wide. The furniture was all covered with white sheets except a brown leather sofa, with some shopping bags on it.

"Well darling, that’s all we need to make you shine like a star," said Jenna while pointing the bags on the sofa.

"Jenna! You know what I think of those kind of things…" She was still looking for a way to refuse celebrating her birthday, even though she knew Jenna wasn’t going to accept that.

"Are you ready to get there and tell those people that you’re not ready to accept the party that they have been preparing for the whole day!!? Do you have any idea of how this place was looking like? It’s been 15 years that its owner died and left it to her grandchild who have been studying abroad, do you know what those people out there have done for you? And how much it took for us to turn this restaurant to what it looks like now?! If you have the courage to refuse then you can go out your own and tell them that, because I’m not going to do so, or you can simply accept, get dressed, and have fun, I don’t think that will harm you!!... Anyway, I’ll be waiting for you outside, think a lot before you say or do anything." She left.
Published: 3/10/2014
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