A Promise to Keep - Chapter 3 (Part 3)

Arayo was still choked, arguing with Nick made her feel soo bad, she got frustrated and never thought he would ask her such a thing!! His words were still reasoning in her ears, "Stop investigating about your father's murder!!" She didn't accept him saying such a thing!! How could he do so!...

"I saw your boyfriend going out of your room... he was very angry, did you fought?" Said the nurse who was already injecting medicines in the serum hanged next to Arayo's bed. Before Arayo could say a thing, she heard her saying "... Is it your way of thanking him!? He saved your life and spent the whole week taking care of you and reading you that."

She took a book out of the bedside table drawer and gave it to her. Arayo took it, surprised she whispered: "The last novel of 'Stephan King'." The nurse pursue "He said it's your favorite Author and that was your gift for graduation," Arayo looked at the nurse with interest just like asking for more.

"He does really love you!! You're very lucky to have him. Don't let him split through your fingers!! I wish I had a boyfriend who knows and cares that much about me.."

The nurse speech made Arayo even more confused... she spent all night thinking about it! She couldn't sleep. Eric was sitting next to her, reading her a book, but she wasn't listening; she couldn't concentrate at all!! "Should I stop? ... Give up my dream! ... Isn't it so selfish to make my safety first?..." Nick's voice get her out of her thoughts...

"Can I talk to you for a while?!" He asked, Eric didn't wait for his sister to answer, he just put the novel on the bedside table, get out the room and closed the door behind him.

"What's again?" She answered.

"...I apologize... It was rude of me to ask such a thing... but seeing you in danger drove me crazy..."

"Don't worry! I can take care of myself." She said in a dry tone.

"You mean just the way you have done that day while crossing the road!?" Replied with an angry voice.

"Nick!... Why do you care that much! It's none of your buss..."

Before she can finish her words, Nick leaned his head and took her mouth in a light kiss but was enough to shock all her system, make her heart beat fast and leave her breathless.

"This is why I care," he whispered, "I love you Arayo!! And I can't see my love slip through my fingers." Arayo was still shocked, Nick have always surprised her with different kind of ways but this was something she's never expected.

"I love you too!!" She heard herself saying with a shaking voice. She was happy for having him next to her, but so worried about him stopping her not reaching her dream. The idea brought tears to her eyes. Nick held her tightly in his strong arms that she couldn't breathe, he could feel her shacking to his torso, so held her more tightly. She felt safe... comfortable; She couldn't hear a thing but their hearts beating in harmony but she have understood everything: He was apologizing... Admitting he has been selfish... Even more, promising to give her faith and support.
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Published: 3/31/2014
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