A Promise to Keep - Chapter 3

This might change everything !!
Well, the two first chapters were written just to introduce the story and its characters if you paid attention. I was describing a lot and for no good reason, that's why it's a bit far from my subject. Now, that you've got to know more about it, I'll start writing my story. Hope you enjoy it. But first I want to thank all who read my chapters, but I'd like to get more comments, so I'll be able to improve my story based on your opinion.


(A couple of weeks later)

Today the result will be hanged up. It was 11 am when Arayo got to the hall of the university. She was excited but stressed more than what she was when she was having the exam... her destiny, her future, her dreams were all related to those results.

"What if I didn't make it? No... I should be positive I worked hard for it, all the sleepless night, all the hours revising, and the efforts made by Nick to help me... No enough with this dark ideas," she forced herself not to think about it. She walked fastly to the board on which the lists were displayed. There were a lot of people, with several emotions drawn on their faces; depending on their results: happiness, satisfaction, sorrow, regret, fear, shock... Arayo reached the board and started looking for her name. When she found it and read the results, she got shocked...

"Oh my..." she couldn't hear the screams around her anymore, she's been like this for minutes "It's more than what I had expected... More than what I dreamed of... I'VE DONE IT !!" She ran out the hall to a quiet place where she could talk on the phone, she was over the moon, she couldn't hear people congratulating neither her responds.

"Nick!! I've done it... I've done it Nick!!"
"Oh my God! I know you could do it."
"And guess what! I'm one of the top three student in my branch."

"No way, you got the job with the PNJ! Congratulations!! You can't imagine how much I'm happy for you!! Well, stay where you are. I'm coming right now, I have some news about our case detective!"

"Ok, I'm waiting for you, I have to call my brother and Jenna, they must be waiting!! See you."

Nick got to the university in 15 mins, he found Arayo talking with a group of friends. She jumped at his sight and ran toward him, but while she was crossing the road, a car showed off, it was so fast and didn't stop but accelerated. The car hit Arayo who fell to the floor, unconscious, her hair covering her face. The car speed up and escaped. Nick was shocked, he wanted to follow the car but he couldn't just leave Arayo there bleeding. Several thoughts came to his mind but his body refused to respond to any of it.
"Arayo!!" He finally whispered.
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Published: 3/17/2014
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