A Reckless Lover - Chapter 2

It's about to get real!
As we all stood out congregating, Bria shows up. We stand by her car as 'P' spots her and in a instant begins to crack his normal jokes. Bria uses her antics, tells him to leave her alone and in the same breath hints to him regarding 'The Mister'. She tells him to get his number and the fool that 'P' is replies, "Oh my man you want his number you ask him."

Bria slightly pushes 'P' and says, "Come on 'P' please."

As he continues to refuse, she spots Ron. To my aggravation he is approaching where we were standing. He says to her, "What's up?" And she replies back by saying the same. She tells him to come here and asks him if he gave Jonah her number.

He says, "Yes." He was lying because he told me he didn't in a previous conversation when she told me to ask him before. All in all I was sick of the mindless games and as the night was ending and everyone was leaving, I decided that it was enough, I laid back enough. Why am I waiting for someone else to strike? I mean, how could I play around that if he catches these other people bait. He was free game, shit lil homely ain't my friend, further more she didn't speak when I first met her, so I don't owe her no respect, fuck it.

I marched in the house and told 'P' to come here. We were standing in the room, talking as I was telling him I want to talk to Jonah. Well, 'P' was very reluctant, he didn't approve us talking at all! I didn't know if it was because I was his cousin and Jonah 'The Mister' was his friend, but I can clearly tell you he didn't want it to happen. Being who I am saying 'no' is like saying 'yes'. Tell me I can't, is like telling me, sure you want me to hold the phone for you while you all talk?

As we were talking 'The Mister' walks in the room. 'P' stupid ass says, "Huh, there he goes right there. Jonah Cache Cache Jonah." Shit you'll, don't need me you'll talk yourselves. We both stood there with little innocent smiles on our face, like we didn't know what was going on. I'm in shock because he put me on the spot. Oh well, Cache do your thing. The moment in that room when our words reached air as he slide up to me and I said, "I want to get his number because I want to talk to you." With a shrug of my shoulder and a smirk on my face, looking at his lips as he smiles and replies, "'P' called from your phone before right?"

I reply, "Yea."
He says, "Ok, well call me then."
I say, "Ok, I'll call you when I leave."
He replies, "Yea. If I can touch that moment again. I can see it in my head but if I can feel that moment again. The only way I can share that memory is by having you repeat. La, la, la, la, la... La, la, la, la, la... La, la, la, la, la in a sweet symphony."

As soon as I got to my car and he reached his, I called. We talked for a few minutes as I sat in my car in the parking lot of 'P's' house. I know he was alone because I had seen him leave P's house. I started the conversation by asking him, "Did 'P' tell him I wanted to talk to him before?"

He says, "Not really."
I ask him, "If lil homely and him go out?"
He says, "No!! They just talk, they both are just friends." From that moment on to me, he was free game. I mean, I really knew they were talking and I still pursued but so. Now that he said it's not a relationship, fuck that bitch and whoever don't like it.

That night I invited him to my house. He told me to meet him at his place and he'll jump in with me. As I get to his place, he walks to my window and I say, "What's up? I ask him to get in." He looks at me with hesitation, taps his pocket for keys, shuffles his feet, and asks me, "Where we going again?"

I laugh and say, "My place." He jumped in the car as we hit the freeway heading to my house. Tonight is the night I finally get him in my world. I finally see what this dude is about and let him know who I am.

Now, that night I was receiving calls from Tia. She was telling, that this dude and his homeboy we used to kick the breeze with when we were on our way was trying to see me. Now, him and I weren't in sexual relationship, he was just a friend. Well, at least to me he is, that's how I felt. We never really could see eye to eye as far as liking each other, but we enjoyed chilling at Tia's house because she would cook. Well for some reason this night, this fool was on my trail and though I ignored his calls the whole day, Tia tells me, "He's at our apartments and waiting for me."

What the fuck? I tell Tia, "I'm having company and he ain't gonna fuck this up." As I pull up to my house I spot his car. Not to mention Tia doesn't know I'm with Jonah, so he's like damn.
Published: 12/7/2013
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