A Remnant People

This is a poem I recently composed for church-related purposes. Please read and comment.
Engulfed in darkness where once man thrived,
The earth stood desolate now void of life.
The heavens were bleak in dark, depth-less skies.
And the sun was hard-pressed to give its light.

No one believed that the world could cease to be,
That man's life was a vapor and was easily reprieved.
And so man continually sinned--even as the great profit preached,
And in the blink of an eye were swept away in the onslaught of the seas.

Yet this was not to be man's final breath-
A permanent, untimely, unflinching death.
For even in this tragedy of a biblical Macbeth,
There was a hope that throbbed, a prophecy to be met.

And so the tides would recede, the heavens would clear,
And the remnant seed to new generations would give heir.
But yet, the legacy of sin would persevere,
And new times would give rise to great woes and fears.

But for God so loved the world, he would give His only son,
As a living sacrifice for the deeds man has done.
That who believes on His name would have everlasting life-
Would be healed of his grievances, be pardoned of his strife.

And if you believe on his name, you would believe on his word,
You would follow in his footsteps, receive the word.
You would love one another, do the word,
Be born of God, know the word.

Be fruitful, be watchful, repent and receive,
For you will only reap what you sew, be not deceived.


Small Synopsis

This poem is a biblical re-interpretation of the fall of humanity, and the subsequent redeeming of a remnant people. The poem briefly recounts the history of the great floods of Noah's time, describing the impact and consequences of sin and disobedience to God.

The title of the poem ‘A Remnant People’ is so-called to postulate that even though the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23), that God, because of his everlasting love and loving kindness would redeem and rebuild His people (Jeremiah 31:3-4). In other words, we are not saved because we deserve it. It is by His grace through faith that we are saved (Ephesians 2:8-9).
Published: 6/10/2016
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