A Resentful Valentine's

Here's the irony of this poem; have a loving valentine's guys. Happy Valentine's day goes out to my dear E.Z., and James! Love you all.
Love is said to be everlasting,
It is said to be empowering,
The Bible states that love conquers all,
But what it didn’t tell you was that love can fall.

Often one would use the term, "falling in love",
Well here’s a new one to learn,
No longer do I wish for my heart to burn,
So how about the term,
"Love falling on a resentful valentine’s".

Yes, on the day of valentine’s,
When the moon glows the brightest,
And enhances lover’s time,
On this loving day,
My heart was taken away,
And now here I am,
Resenting the day of Valentine’s.

Once I had a lover,
Who once loved me,
Until on this very day of another year,
When struck me unexpectedly tragedy.

I bought him chocolate cookies inscribed with his name,
I practically offered up my heart in his frame,
But nevertheless, he instead framed my love,
Whilst with another, he was intimately involved.

Now I am forever with a broken heart,
Shoplifted... used like a wheel cart,
There were no apologies,
No crying except my own,
For my trust and feelings I have, he disowned.

And so here I am as my love begins falling,
Countless nights I would begin bawling,
And upon each mournful night I would moan away,
Forever will I resent Valentine’s day!
Published: 2/14/2013
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