A Royal Piece of Harmony - Author's Note

Alrightee, so this story takes place a few years before 'Change the Melody' and picks up right after 'It's Royally Complicated'. It's the story of Prince Eric of Palanadia and incredibly talented Giselle Balaco. Hope you guys enjoy!
The older she became, the more Giselle realized how superficial the people around her were. It seemed the more money they accumulated, the more they lost their sense of humanity, of wonder.
Prince Eric was like that too.

Although she was intrigued by this dark-haired prince, she saw nothing in him that separated him from all the other wealthy bachelors she had met in her life.

Well, maybe that wasn’t entirely true. There was something about Eric, something she couldn’t exactly place. He shielded himself from the world with a visage of the perfect king – which there was no doubt he would become. His kingdom came first, and she respected that.

But there was so much he was missing, so much of the world she could show him.

Prince Eric of Palanadia had never met a girl like Giselle Balaco before. He probably never would. She spoke of things that seemed irrelevant, even pointless, but the more he listened, the more he became aware of things he had somehow always overlooked.

Life seemed to have more color with her.

Sounds became clearer. For once in his life, he sat in and just listened, really listened to what never seemed of importance.

All because of one girl.

But he couldn’t stay in this vivid world of music and magic for long. He had responsibilities. He had a throne to prepare for, a kingdom to take care of. He had other things that should have occupied his mind. His people came first, that’s how it’s always been.

That’s why a marriage of convenience was the most attractive option.


Alrightee, so this story takes place a few years before 'Change the Melody' and picks up right after 'It's Royally Complicated'.

It's about how Giselle and Eric met - just their story.
So, obviously, if anyone read 'Change the Melody' - there's some spoilers. Haha. Sorry about that. I just felt that Giselle and Eric deserved a story as well and only started on theirs after 'Change the Melody' was basically finished.

Anyway, the first chapter should be up soon after this message is posted.

Oh! And shout out to Miha for the adorably awesome title. Love the wordplay, girl.

Lots of love, my lovely readers.

Simone xx

P.S. Butterfly - I saw your comments for 'It's Royally Complicated' today, they made me laugh and smile a lot. Thank you.

Happy New Year, everybody!!
Published: 1/2/2018
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