A Second Chance - Chapter 2

"Kate please look at me, I'm sorry," I yelled. "I'm not mad, I promise." She looked up at me with her soft green eyes and my heart melted. I was in love with her, but after everything we have been through, I knew, I could never tell her that. I knew, she'd never believe me.
I rearranged my office at my new job. Ali had talked a close friend of hers into giving me a job at a bank, a month ago. The day had gone by pretty fast, lots of paperwork that had to be done. I stacked it in a neat pile and dropped it off by my boss' office on my way out the door. I took my phone out of my pocket and dialed Ali's number. All I got was the answering machine.

"Hey Ali, it's me Kate. I got off work early, so I'm going to go ahead and drop by the office to pick Nathan up. I'll be there in 30 mins, maybe we can get a bite to eat tonight? Talk to you in a few, bye."


I parked my car and walked into the office.

"Ali?" I heard Nathan making car noises and walked into the room. He was sitting on the floor playing with his cars with the person sitting right next to him; someone I didn't expect to see, Jason. He looked up at me and stood up and cleared his throat.

"Hey, uh Ali had an emergency she had to take care of, she asked me to watch him. I hope you don't mind." He said looking down at the ground. I bit my lip staring at Nathan.
"It's fine, thank you for watching him." Nathan looked up at me and smiled, "come on baby let's go home." Nathan got up and ran over to Jason and gave him a hug, then ran over to me. I picked him up and gave me a big hug.

"Mommy missed you so so much." I turned around and began to walk out as Ali walked in.
"Kate wait," I turned around and Jason was staring at me. "Can we talk, maybe tonight over dinner?"
"No." The look on his face seemed crushed, so I chose to word it better, "I mean ... I just have no one to watch Nathan."
"I'll watch him for you!" I turned to Ali and gave a thanks so much look and rolled my eyes. "You two need to talk about stuff."
I bit my lip and looked back at Jason.
"Okay I guess we can talk tonight over dinner."
"Great, I'll pick you up at 5."

"Why don't you wear something nicer like a dress or something." Ali said sitting on the corner of my bed. I turned around and glanced at the mirror. I was wearing a shirt with blue jeans and a jean jacket.

"I don't know maybe it's 'cause we aren't going on a date. We are going to talk and I'm going to tell him that he is Nathan's father. How upset do you think he will be?"

"Knowing him, he will probably be highly upset, Kate there is something I should tell you. He and Kay got divorced; she left him for someone else shortly before you came back and it was finalized today. He's in bad spot right now, but ever since you came back, he seems better and the way he looks at your son, well I think he already knows in a way."

The doorbell rang. "He's early as usual," I walked to the door and opened it.
"Hey, I got you flowers," he stepped in wearing a suit with a dark purple vest and tie.
"I'll just go put them in a vase of water."

I turned and rushed into my room, "He is wearing a suit."
"Told you so," I threw her a glance as she got up. "Wear the black dress in the closet, go distract him for a little while."
I threw on the dress and curled the end of my hair glancing at the clock it was now 5:30. "Hey sorry about the wait, are you ready to go?"
He nodded and we walked out the door after giving Nathan a hug goodbye.

He opened the door to red lobster and we stepped inside shaking the snow off our shoes, a man walked up and took us to our table. We sat in a small booth at the back of the restaurant.

"So Kate, are you happy to be back?"
"Yeah, I missed my friends and thanks to your sister. I have an amazing job and make more money which has makes it easier raising Nathan, knowing that I am able to get him everything he needs and still have money left over." I looked up at him and smiled.
"You know I could always help. I could watch him and if there is anything you need help buying I could get it for him, because he's my son after all, isn't he?"

I kept my eyes on the table trying to think of what to say. "Kate?" I looked up at him my eyes filling with tears and barely nodded.

"Dang it Kate, you could have told me. It's been over two years when I last saw you! You just up and left, didn't care to say goodbye or anything. You've been hiding my own son from me for almost two years. I missed everything ... his first steps, his first words, his first birthday, his first Christmas, everything!"

"Don't you dare Jason, you left me for her and said you didn't want to see me anymore and to never show up around you. You got me fired, I had to leave. I have a son now and it's my job to take care of him!"

"She left me Kate, for someone else."


*Jason's POV*

I looked at her as she wiped away the tears from her eyes, trying to keep from crying. Just then our waiter brought us our food and we ate in silence.

"Kate, is it okay if Nathan comes to my parents' house for Christmas. I know, it's a lot to ask. I would really love to spend it with him."

She softly whispers 'Yes'.

"Kate please look at me, I'm sorry," I yelled. "I'm not mad, I promise." She looked up at me with her soft green eyes and my heart melted. I was in love with her, but after everything we have been through, I knew, I could never tell her that. I knew she'd never believe me.

After dinner I took her out for ice cream and then returned to her house. I was nervous because now we were going to tell Nathan that I was his dad and I didn't know how he would take it or if he would like me or not. She unlocked the door and she stepped in. I closed the door behind me and went to sit down on the couch. She came back five minutes later with pjs on and Nathan in her arms. I smiled she was always like that.

"Nathan, me and Jason have something to tell you." She looked over at me and I smiled. "Jason is your daddy." He looked up at me and gave me the biggest grin I've ever seen, and held his arms out at me.
"Daddy," I smiled at him and took him in my arms to hold him tight. My boy, this was by far the happiest day of my life.


"Mom! Dad!" I stepped in my parents' mansion and looked around.
"We are in the kitchen sweetie." I stepped into the kitchen and looked at my parents and sucked in a breath.
"I went out with Kate and she told me Nathan is my son." Both my parents stopped what they were doing and looked up at me, then my father turned back to the newspaper.
"Get a DNA test son."
"Seriously dad! She's not lying, he looks just like me!" He looked up at me, "so it wouldn't hurt to get the DNA test then."
"I'm not getting a DNA test dad, you're not doing this to me again. You're not going to tear me away from her!"
"Jason dear, why don't you go into the living room and watch TV while I talk to your father," my mother said.

I sat down on the couch as I heard my parents argued and sighed. I knew this wasn't going to go well, but I never figured he'd say something like that. My mom walked in sat down in the loveseat across from me.

"Honey I've talk to your dad and he said he was sorry." I looked up at her.
"I asked Kate if Nathan can come over here next week for Christmas day, and she agreed. I want everyone to be on their best behavior for me, please."
"You should invite her to stay as well. I'll go out shopping for gifts for them. You should contact your brother and sisters to have them get a present for each of them as well. I will let your dad know, we will be having two extra guests."

She got up and started walking out then turned around, "Honey I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the way I treated her, before it was wrong of me and your father to push you away from her. If we wouldn't have pushed you away from her, you probably would have been with her still and happy, and not have gotten a divorce."
Published: 9/24/2013
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