A Secret Resides

When the misery inside is too painful to share.
A secret resides within my heart,
Too scared to converse its will,
Too weak to let itself be known,
It's truth left unfulfilled,
It's my unfinished composition,
My rescinded tale,
My unwritten page of verse,
My ode to woe and wail.

I watch the shadow leave the wall,
To fall upon my chest,
It's coldness placed upon my heart,
To stop my heaving breast,
To hold, within, the secret,
That longs so to be freed,
To torment upon my sanity,
With that far too long feared.

Lord! Give me voice that I may roar,
Defiance at my madness,
For surely I shall go insane,
Should silence be my caress?
For the secret held within my heart,
With its desolate seduction,
Is luring my untimely death,
In cold waters of presumption.

Published: 5/20/2019
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