A Sense of Desperation

"A poem I wrote a long time ago, about my aching heart. I was so troubled then... and nobody knew. They were just outsiders looking in. They had no clue what my 5 year relationship was like."
I've fought desperately to stay in your grasps, so fragile I am,
Shattered I am... broken I am...
Time and time again,
You loosen my grip as I desperately hold on,
And you continuously built your wall,
Back up and then back down again,
I could barely hold on... confused I am,
Your pride and ego got in the way of feelings,
It was taken over by anger...

And I'm the one to blame!
Because I have feelings,
All I ever wanted was to help you grow,
Help you become a greater you,
Wanted to teach you empathy and compassion,
Supported you through every decision,
But you never gave me that recognition.

You made me your enemy,
I never chose this path,
I never asked for anything,
We just needed a remedy,
A cure for this insanity,
A cry for help,
But you were silent, you were always silent.

Tears were an annoyance to you,
People should be strong,
You keep breaking my heart...
The very sight of tears would turn you monstrous,
And you'd destroy anything in your path.

The very sight of you jabbed my soul deeply,
I cannot stand to watch,
It was of no interest to you,
That I needed to be saved,
Because you're confident I'd stay forever.

Even if you mistreated me,
Apologies didn't exist with us,
Just resentment and broken promises,
We're left hanging on a loosen thread barely moving on...
But I will let go someday,
I will find my happiness and you will find yours...
Published: 2/18/2014
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