A Sense Of Direction

There’s a long story behind this. I don't know if I like it. But do comment and tell me what you think!
After all the blood we have shed
we are not dead
you've brought the devil into your bed
and merely shot him through the head
you wear his horns
to you he warns
it is a curse
that nothing is worse
for your blood shall spill at his remorse....

In the eyes of the dead
you have forgotten
to hold your own tongue
it has become rotten
with these words of song
so violently played
and mistreated
yet his words have not been needed
nor will they,
at any expense
you've lost your grip, you've lost your head
and no sense of purpose will you dispense.

Hell is not painful
nor will you be
can't you see?
afraid I am not,
I cannot run
I cannot hide
it is you in which I shall confide
I will run for the fire
burn in all my desire
for my direction is not wrong
but slightly on a different path
but what is my fate?
if bloody and burned
what have I learned?
when I cannot see that life is beyond that golden gate...

My fate may be yours my dear one
but the games have just begun
the darkness, the gun, the love
in which you've not won.
and when nothing is left
it is you that has slept.

I’ve burned your wild card
through the fire,
the scarlet walkway is one to accept
when soon, all evil is to be unleashed.
Published: 11/25/2008
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