A Sigh Above The Roar

Deep regret is so hard to ignore.
I hear your voice in the crowd,
A sigh above the roar,
And I can still feel your breath,
Even though you aren't here,
I can still hear your heartbeat,
It's bringing back my tears,
The tears I cry each time I hear
Your sigh above the roar.

There's something I had to tell you
Before it was too late,
But you never understood
The words I had to say,
I suppose it was bad timing,
Maybe I should have said before,
Now I wail my sorrow at the wind
With a sigh above the roar.

All that's left are screaming memories
Of my own foolish pride,
They hang on to my vanity
Trying to make up new lies,
Alibied excuses
That have broken every law,
To tear up our covenant
And sigh above the roar.

I failed in my vows to you,
I gave in to temptation,
I fooled around behind your back,
A sordid act of treason,
I violated my allegiance
And went through the Devil's door,
Now my only sympathy
Is a sigh above the roar.

Maybe I should never have
Confided in your love,
But the guilt I felt was overpowering,
And hurt my heart too much,
I suppose that I was selfish
To tell my tale of woe,
For to ease my pain, I broke your heart,
With a sigh above the roar.

I'm looking at your photograph
And thinking of my loss,
I miss your sweet voice whispering
Your loyalty to us,
Those twinkling eyes that won't look back
And a smile that is no more,
I've lost them all within a sigh,
A sigh above the roar.

So I sit alone to ponder thoughts
Of deep remorseful sin,
I'd like to take away your pain
But don't know where to begin,
Memories of deep regret
Are so hard to ignore,
So I guess that I'll stay within
This sigh above the roar.
Published: 2/16/2011
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