A Single Tear, A Single Death

Tears of death...
My heart cries every night
A pitiful sound
The sound of a dying person
I am dying slowly, day by day inside
My heart drowning in the tears I shed
Poison to my heart, but my only release
Release from this pain
From this life, these tears I cry
They are only pain I feel
My story may seem dumb, same old thing
Something that everyone hears
But to me it's something new, something hurt
My innocence messed me more than one way
My eyes were closed and my heart was open
Through my shields my guard and into my heart
Pierced me with his words, I am bewitched
Spellbound for pain and suffering but I opened the door
Turned on the lights and opened my eyes
But that was the past, the pain
Ha i should be strong, I should be used to this
This pain, these tears and this empty feeling i feel inside
I've been told it will go away, it will be alright,
I will move on and it won't hurt so much
But what do they know
They don't see the tears I bleed red & white colors of my pain
I shed them as free as rain
My heart drowning within my own poison
It's not my doing, but my choice
I died a long time ago, in his arms
In that moment of passion I died.
Published: 9/8/2008
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