A Smile Hiding Under a Tear

It is a poem... when you think you have found true love and then it vanishes.
All my nightmares were gone
At the time, I looked at you,
My fears and tears were done
You showed me love like the ocean blue.

I dream of you at night
No nightmares, just me kissing your lips
Inside my heart, you blew a light
Of love that sailed like the strongest ships.

As time went by
You have changed the way I looked life,
I thought our love would never die
But, I forgot of the future strife.

Again hundreds of obstacles, many roads
And another one, between us
Such confusion I felt as decrypting codes
Such enigma I felt like being hit by a bus.

A smile hiding under a tear
I love, I cry, I cry
My fears were not clear,
For your actions, I do not want to know why.

Nothing makes any sense, nothing
I thought that my pain would last forever
Time solves everything,
As time goes by, I will be cleverer.
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Published: 8/23/2011
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