A Star's Light

Unused talent can lead to a regretful life.
A dark cold night,
Where all the stars in the night sky,
Shine bright with one exception,
The absence of a lesson,
Leave the wayward star,
Without direction,
Focusing on the imperfection and failures.

During the light of the day,
The stars hide their supreme light,
Waiting for a chance to illuminate,
The night sky with their brilliant light.

A star without light is,
Equivalent to the day without night,
A hopeless rock without purpose,
Searching for meaning in a vast universe.

A fading star's last hope to shine,
Is filled with regrets,
And the uncertainty of a life unfulfilled.

We all have this amazing light inside,
That prompts us to make great stride,
And achievements in life,
Don't waste your light,
Don't waste your life.

A star without light,
Isn't a star at all,
Just a rock waiting to fall.
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Published: 6/7/2013
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