A State-of-the-art (Heart) Nation

Attitude exhibited by illiterates.
At times, when I ruminate about the approach of Nigerians to the arithmetic problem of the nation, I am forced to rethink if some so-called educated juggernauts ever passed by the asphalt of an academic citadel. What they vociferate is unrivaled to "taboo" or rather blasphemy.

Looking through another dimension, you might wanna concur to the smart approach taken to meander problems, as it's one of the constituents of a "sharp" Nigerian. I would want to borrow from the saying of people from Warri, the South-South part of the country; who are fond of this saying "Warri nor dey carry last." I think this is rather becoming the vice-versa as they are carrying last, in essence from behind. The higher we exhibit these uncalled-for attitude, the more we become state-of the-art (heart) illiterates.

The worst part is we are successfully brooding, breeding more generations of our likeness. You now wonder if Nigerians were in the Garden of Eden when God pronounced the "law of multiplicity" (they must have read it from the Scriptures, I think). Have we not gotten to "State of no-return?" Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? This remains to be seen pending the actions of the Handel Messiah of our country who is busy composing classicals, spiced with running scales, arpeggios, acciaccaturas in either adagio, andante or rather Allegro vivace or presto tempo.
Published: 11/16/2015
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