A Stranger's Journey - Here To Eternity

This poem mirrors the struggles of a man who largely is poor and homeless, but recognizes a relationship with 'His Creator' (God). He describes his apprehensions and misgivings, and pleads to 'The Father' for help in dealing with his carnal shortcomings. His final outreach displays his belief of hope and life in the hereafter, and he bases his relief on that fact as opposed to the earthly treasures which are temporary.
When I rise in the morning,
Pray tell me what the day might bring?
Will it be frosty with white like a winter's day;
Or will it be clear and bright with the fresh air of spring; I pray?

I know not what my fate may be,
But as sure as the sun will rise,
Dear Lord, my fate leith with thee!
Hear me Oh Lord, as humbly I solemnly plead,
Chart the course today that I must trod,
As I press onward for thee,
My life is but a specter on the horizon of time,
My home is never a stable,
But wandering meanderings of passages I might find.

Strengthen within me Thy Spirit so Divine,
Bind up my wounds and cleanse me with thy wine,
I am lonely yet not alone,
For Your Presence sojourns with me continuously as I go,
Please Help, my unbelief purge from within me,
My doubts and my carnal reprieves,
For though, my spirit says 'yes' to thee,
Nay; rants my flesh endlessly.

Forgive my iniquities,
As I in submission bow Lord on my knees,
For the light that I seek must shine today,
Leading my destiny into tomorrow as I pray,
Spare me a thought Oh Mighty One,
Listen to my supplication as I seek to be called Your Son.

Labor, I must for now,
And gently endure as the sweat pipes from my brow,
Send me thy mammoth fortitude;
Thy behemoth sustenance, thy awesome beatitude,
For my soul weighs sore with lead,
And my eyes grow dim,
As my vision is marred by the crosses ahead.

I will rest for the day has come to an end,
I will seek refuge and shelter,
For tonight I must need be fed,
My Sleep is both bitter and yet sweet,
For though I may dream a fountain with roses array,
My bed may be a meadow if I can't find a place to stay,
Alas, the birds no longer screech,
As the shadows linger, they beat a hasty retreat,
Let me in as what I seek is meager and temporary,
Never to be compared with where I will spend my eternity.

For though my apparel is tattered and worn,
And my body bares the scars of a lifetime sorrow;
I look so forlorn!
Nay, while on the outer there is nothing to desire,
From within my heart yearns for a place that is higher;
Higher than this world's richest gain,
A mansion Thou hast prepared for me,
As I recall in this land I am just a stranger,
Passing through whilst waiting on a call from Thee.

So buckle up my bended knees,
And rise in posture as I look to the Heavens for his shout;
His shout I decree,
My reward is not laid in the hands of mortals,
My Rock and My Refuge, He bestows my portion,
So scorn me and scuff as I pass,
Mock me with words that lay me down like the grass,
I will not retreat; nay I cannot surrender,
For heaven's gate is where my journey ends,
And when the morrow dawns,
My saga will continue forever until then.
Published: 2/10/2014
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