A Sunlight Tale

Birthday poem for a beautiful Princess of spoken words, Oluwadarasimi Bamiloye; her words are weighty. On this day May 14, 2017...
Let me tell you a tale not by the moonlight,
It is rather a tale for the Sunlight;
A tale of a gorgeous Princess in a city,
A city of words encapsulated in brilliance and beauty.

Let me tell you that tale for the Sunlight,
Of one whose wealth can never know night;
Of one who is prominent for her wealth of spoken word;
Words that strengthen those whose ears may afford.

Let me tell you that tale for the Sunlight,
Where this Princess baths the Sun, I mean the Light,
With powerful words that can smite and build;
Words that can build broken worlds for a shield.

May I also tell you today is her birthday,
And that my desire for her are words of prayer today,
To credit her bank account of weighty words;
To create for her lasting love cords.

My fainting ink may not scribble sufficiently,
My feeble hands may fail to ride on smoothly,
But the birthday wishes in my heart are of great height,
For this Princess whose words glorify the Lord, the Light,
Happy birthday Princess OLUWADARASIMI BAMILOYE!
Published: 5/16/2017
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