A Sword And His Folly - Chapter 2

This is chapter 2, hope you enjoy this chapter. There will be more but, it will be in a little while. So please be patient with me. Thanks for reading.
As soon as he finished eating, he put the plate in the sink and got himself some water. Going to his chest that was up against the wall next to his bed, he opened it. There he grabbed his mask and placed the mask over his face. He grabbed his sword and placed that on his waist and walked to his front door and opened it up. It was nighttime now and he was able to walk freely without being seen. He walked out the front door and went down the path to the left of his house. Passing the field that had the tomatoes. He was looking from left to right and in front of him.

He noticed a few feet from him, a person laying on the ground. He walked over to him and looked down. It was a corpse of a woman, her head cut off which had rolled towards the side of the path. He looked at the face. He didn’t know who she was and kept walking down the path. The lamps illuminating his body as he walked by each one. There in town it was quiet. Except for a few cats that scurried along the rooftops. Just as soon as he got close to the next roadway leading to a mansion he made a right. This path would lead up to a forest of bamboo. The greenery was perfect to keep hidden. This place was known for its ninja that would hide out in there to escape their foes.

This was a good place for what he needed to do. He put his sword in the bamboo tree. The bamboo had a hole that he could set his sword in. He would now go down through the bamboo towards the mansion. Stealth was a freedom not luxury. It was these times he missed his friend. His friend who would come a long on nights like these. He got closer to the mansion but in front of the entrance was a guard. Time to see if his training could keep up with this task. They didn’t give him the paper for him to give up now. He never decided this life on his own. He was chosen for it from this guy. The guy who taught him all he knows about this job. He was an assassin and this was his life. He had to do this. What a pity he thought.

The guard walked over to the right side and stopped to look over towards the trees. He went through the bamboo. Walking through the brush on the ground. The wind would keep him from being heard. The wind would act as a decoy for him. Silently walking towards the mansion he slumped down and made his way to a wall. The left side of the mansion. Which wasn’t guarded. He would now climb up to the second floor. There on the balcony was a guard standing there with a hat and sword in his hand. He was walking to the left and looked down at the bamboo trees. The lamp that was behind him flickered.

A bird made a sound in the distance. When the guard turned away from the left side of the balcony he pulled himself up onto the balcony. He crouched down behind the guard and used a wired roped that he pulled from his pocket and put the wire around the guards throat choking him. The sword in the man’s hand dropped to the ground making little sound. When the guy was down he walked through the doorway. There inside the man that had killed his family was sitting at his desk. With a little light that was on writing with his pen. "Hello Cole Bernard." Cole turned around and stood up. "Who’s there?"

"You will remember when I am done with you." Cole went to his sword that was in the corner next to his desk. He grabbed the sword. "You want to tell your other guard to stay out of our business or should I do that for you?"

"What do you want from me?"
"Well I want your head on a silver platter for killing my wife and child." Cole stood there frozen in fear from what could happen to him. "Let’s take this outside and we can finish this". The man told Cole this with a soft voice. Cole walked to the bedroom door and opened it. There were guards standing on both sides of the entrance. "Take care of this intruder in my room!"
"Yes sir. Both guards came inside the room. Cole ran out of the room and started down the stairs.

One of the guards came at the man and he kicked at the guards hands up ward to ward off his attack. With a swift move he grabbed the guard by his cloth and brought him over his shoulder and onto his head. You could hear his neck snap. The other guard swung his sword downward towards the guy. The guy rolled out of the way and with a kick into the guards face the man fell down. He grabs the guards sword and thrust the sword into the guards throat. He takes the sword with him and silently heads out of the room and down the stairs. There was Cole waiting for him outside in the front with lighting for them to see. "Come out here so I can kill you." Cole took two steps backwards. The guy walked outside and stood there.

His black and white clothes shimmering from the lighting. He stood there walking closer to face Cole. He didn’t have to be here but he wanted to be. He had to get his revenge for his family. This man in front of him was a cold blooded killer. He didn’t care who died and who lived. He only cared for himself. Cole walked a bit closer to the man with the sword. And the man walked closer to Cole. They were now a few feet from each other. Their swords were almost in touching length. Cole was the first to attack. Swinging down at the man with all his might. The man brought his sword to the side parrying Cole's thrust. The man moving forward a bit to take a swing at Cole’s mid section. Which met its mark in Cole’s stomach. This wasn’t a big enough swing since it didn’t even make much of a mark. There was a cut but it was shallow.
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Published: 10/10/2019
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