A Tainted Poison We Call Love...

To my friend Curits...
Those with the pureness in their heart
Her love is as cold as winter
And warm as hell
Double image and double soul
A burning flame of passion rapidly flows in your veins
Your heart pounding at every move
Watching her like a hunter stalking its pray
So blind to the pain, the pain of her words
As the dance a path of blood across your skin and across your soul
Leaving you breathless and wanting more, more of what is tainted and poor
Her words poison your very soul
Her body and words enchanting your very soul
Your eyes blinded by tears yet you want more
More the pain
More of the hurt
More of the magic and evil that you call love
This love is like a tainted poison flowing through your very soul
Burning with the blood rushing all around your body
Controlling your every breath as you watch her move and watch her talk
Listening to the very magic that enchants you to her very soul
A soul that is so black hope couldn't find its way
A way out a way to help away to dance across your very soul and open your eyes
To show you that love is blind and love is cruel love has no place among those unpure
Those part of hell and those part of those who do not need no more
They are put upon this earth to torment the very soul
To burn the blood with the very same passion that was meant for love
And use to burn the soul and turn it black and send them to hell
The innocents that should be free
If love was true evil should set those free and not enslave those
For love is pure and not a tainted poison we call love.
Published: 5/1/2007
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