A Third Chance at First Love - Chapter Four

Friends at childhood, lovers afterwards. But one day changed everything, and now Erin Grey would rather die than speak to him again. But the young doctor is determined to get her back in his life. He won't give up easily.
Chapter Four: A Tale

Life can be a terrible thing.

"ARE YOU REALLY THIS STUPID?" The woman in front of her said vehemently, and slapped her across the face. The woman was aged thirty-one, tall, and her hair was a silky black tied in a tight bun. Her face displayed complete and utter disappointment - and the cause? The small, seven-year-old child shivering from fear as she held on to her English test paper.

She only received 75%.

"It-it was hard, mommy!" The child pleaded, and she tried to show a grin despite the snot flowing from her reddish nose. "But I'll do my best tomorrow!" She said enthusiastically. "...Mommy, will you stay tonight?"

Her mother ignored her, grabbing the small, silver suitcase beside her.

"I'm going. Martha will be here later to watch you." She closed the door, and the child's shivering legs gave up. She dropped to the floor.

"It's my birthday, mommy." She whispered quietly, rubbing the red mark from her cheek. "Maybe if I'm a good girl, she wouldn't have to go." She sniffed quietly, " Maybe if I'm better, much-much better, mommy wouldn't have to leave."

The child felt a pang of desolation - a feeling she had already felt many times, until the door slammed open, revealing a ten-year-old boy holding a small, beat-up cake box in his hand.

Of course, it had to be chocolate.

"Happy Birthday Erin!" The boy beamed wholeheartedly, his hair messy from all the running and his glasses foggy from the snow. His parents didn't even know he has left his room. But there he is, three blocks away from his own house. The boy talked happily until he noticed the child crouched down on the floor with a bruise on her face. She was smiling at him, she even tried to cover the mark with pieces of her hair, but he already saw it.

The boy's smile disappeared, and he took out a Band-Aid from his pocket. He placed the cake box on the floor and quietly grabbed her face to stick the band aid on. "There," he pinched her cheeks, "All better!"

The girl started crying, and she hugged her childhood friend tightly. "You don't hate Erin, do you Dery?"

Upon hearing her words, the boy was taken aback, but he merely patted her head. "Of course not, Erin. How could I hate you?" He hugged her.

"You know I love you. And when we're bigger, I'll protect you."

"Really?" The girl's big blue eyes looked at him happily. "Really, really?"

He smiled.



"Wake up, Ms. Grey!"

She opened her eyes, and saw the worried face of Ada's secretary. She rose up, stretching her neck from her twenty-minute nap. The woman handed her a cup of coffee - two milk, two sugar. A classic, Canadian double-double.

"Thanks, Gloria." She tied her long hair into a quick ponytail before taking the coffee in her hands.

"You looked so peaceful sleeping earlier," Gloria explained, "I didn't want to wake you up even though you asked me to. You must have had a good dream," she grinned.

"Not at all!" Erin shook her head suddenly, her cheeks turned red.

"Haven't you had enough sleep at your new condo last night?"
Erin suddenly threw up some of the coffee, and some spilled in her shirt. How could she even sleep last night? To think that of all people, of all clich├ęs, it had to be him.

Him. Derek Matthews. THE Derek Matthews who she swore never to speak with again.

"Must be the boyfriend," a man's voice interrupted, and he placed some folders on the table. "Eric Larson, I'm in charge of photos." He shook her hand, and his head turned to look around.

"Miss Ada is out at the moment," Gloria informed him. "She'll be back in an hour."

"Oh-wait, no. I wasn't looking for her. It's because of this," the man waved his hand. Erin noticed that the man might be the same age as Ada, around twenty-three or twenty-four. He has short, naturally-light blonde hair, a good built, his eyes were a nice hue of green and he definitely has a pretty face - if only he didn't wear that peculiar-looking pair of glasses. What is he, a superhero in disguise?

"Of course not," Gloria said slyly, and the man quickly walked away, whistling as if nothing had happened.

"What was that about?" Erin turned to the woman smiling by herself.

"Oh, that?" Gloria chuckled. "It's one of the slapstick comedies you see in the office. He had always had his eyes on crush Miss Ada, but never brave enough to ask her out. Seems like everyone in the agency knows about his feelings but Miss Ada herself. She is, after all, dense with such matters." As they laughed, Gloria noticed the pile of folders he dropped by, and scanned through it before handing it to Erin. "It seems to be your new assignment, here."

Gloria left Erin to see the contents.



"Hell no."

"Triple the price then. Hand it over."

"Derek, what the hell's going on?"

Amidst the numerous operations being held at New York's well-known Greenwood Hospital, the infamous Doctor Matthews was able to pull the busy-as-it-is Jordan Erikson of Neurology Department away from his scheduled operation and into his private office.

"What's going on?" The two turned around to find the ace of Physiotherapy - Michael Dane, leaning on the doorframe with curious eyes. "Your departments are looking for you fools. We don't have time for your little dates."

"Derek wants my condo."

"Come again?"

Erikson tried to refrain himself from laughing, "I said," he repeated, "this fool wants my condo."

"You own a pretty sweet unit just up north. With your salary, you can buy a house in every state. Why are you interested in my condo?" Jordan Erikson stood up to straighten out his lab coat, only to be pulled back down in his chair.

"She's back," Derek stated simply, "and she's your next door neighbor."

As he sipped his coffee, the other two took a minute to scan through the numerous girls the infamous Derek Matthews had been with, and could only think of one girl he would seek out so desperately, much less talk about in the first place. That one girl.

"You saw each other?" Michael Dane interrupted, his curiosity evident.

"Yeah," Derek smiled a bit. "When I stayed over at his place last night."


"She looked at me like I was the very bane of her existence, then she ran back inside."

"Did you come over to her house?"

"I couldn't," Derek said pathetically." I stood there like a rock."

"Ahhh," the two men sighed in unison, refraining from laughing. They did anyway. After all, it's the only time they would ever see the cool, handsome Doctor Derek Matthews have trouble with woman. Or have trouble, in general.

"You got to be serious, man. It's been so long." Erikson looked at the three men who had been his good friend since intern days. Although different departments, they were close enough to lean on each other in need. Of course he would know of the pretty brunette named Erin Grey. Almost every day he would spot her in the hospital bringing all of them, the mercy of home-made food, she would help out with things, and if she knew that Derek was busy, she would simply grab what needs to be cleaned or washed and then simply disappear. Of course, he also knew of the incident, of the cause, and the result.

To put it simply, Jordan Erikson and Michael Dane were the only witnesses to the little quaint love story that ended in tragedy.

"Fine," he breathed, waving his hand, "but you got to hand over that sweet red sports car too."

Derek patted him on the back, and a smirk showed on his face.

"Move out tonight and it's yours."


Twenty hours later, Derek found himself aching all over as he had to use the emergency stairs of the condo to get on the seventh floor. Three surgical operations wasn't the death of him, but lack of exercise will definitely kill him instantly.

"Damn it, Erikson." He thought as he walked towards the door with the keys shaking in his hands. "The bastard wouldn't even tell me that elevators doesn't get fixed till tomorrow." He sighed, but before he could put in his keys, he noticed a figure of another man hovering over the door next to him.

Her unit.

"Can I help you?" Derek turned to the man wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of burgundy John Lobb's - one of the most expensive shoes for men. He owns a few pairs himself, but he only wears them at formal events. They were just uncomfortable to him. The man nodded slightly, unaware that someone else was there.

"I'm looking for the owner of this unit. Do you know her?" He asked him.
Annoyed, Derek responded. "And who are you?"

The man in front of him smirked slightly. "I'm Gary Dean. And the owner of this unit - she'll become my fiance."


Author's Note

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Published: 4/25/2014
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