A Third Chance at First Love - Chapter Nine (Part 2)

When childhood lovers with a bitter past reunite for the second time, will they finally make it work? Or will they allow others to stand in their way?
Chapter Nine - The Second Goodbye

It was a joke.
A big, fat, cruel joke.
It couldn't be happening.

Jordan Erikson stared at the lifeless body in front of him. The body was completely still, as if the soul had already fled long before any other harm could come to it. Jordan couldn't blame the soul.

Even he felt pain.

He hated himself for not noticing it sooner. The owner of the body was kind, and gentle, and he would have thrown his own body to do the protecting had he noticed what was wrong at that moment. But the moment had passed, the culprit had escaped, and the victim was laid right in front of him.



"You aren't married yet?!"

Frank spoke louder than usual. At least this time he had an excuse. On the last day of the St. Lucinta Emergency mission, at exactly seven in the morning, Derek and Erin had come clean to the kind couple that took them in for the past two days.

"Oh my!" Judith covered her mouth in surprise. "And this old fool forced you two young people to be together in the same room! What a horrible thing! Do forgive us," she held Erin's hand

"Not at all!" Derek waved his hand dismissively. "In a way, you were right on track."

Frank raised an eyebrow. "What's that mean? You two were together after all?" He punched Derek in the back in jest, "Oh you, dog, you."

Erin chuckled, and Judith watched her. "Oh, you're smiling now." Judith held her shoulders. "I don't know what happened to you two, but I can tell that you're much happier now that you were before."

Erin looked at the old woman, and she answered to bottom of her heart. "Ma'am, I truly am."

"Good for you, child. Good for you."

Suddenly, the party heard a small humming sound causing to fall silent. Derek took out his phone and immediately answered it.

"Ah, must be hard having a busy man as your boyfriend," Frank teased, and Erin only laughed. When Derek came back, he looked at her.

"Jordan is in Markham, a small town half-way from here. I have to meet him right now, something came up," Derek said to her. "Will you be alright by yourself for a while? After we meet, he'll head out here and accompany you until I come back."

"I'll be fine!" Erin said, pushing him to go even though his expression shows that he desperately wanted to stay. "Go meet Jordan. He must have been waiting for a while."

"Fine." Derek quickly pushed her to him so he could steal a quick kiss. "I'll see you later."

"I'll see you too," Erin waved. "Be safe."

Before he turned around, Derek looked at her with the most endearing eyes.

"I will."

The old couple watched the whole exchange, with Frank smirking on the side. "Ah, youth."

Erin spent the next hour helping Judith with housework. She helped with laundry, with feeding the chickens, gardening, and even buying supplies at the local store next door. It was only when Judith forced her to stop working and to rest that Erin finally went back to their bedroom to open her laptop. She already knew what she was going to write. This emergency medical mission gave her a fresh perspective in regards to what the hospital was really about, and it made her happy that Doctor Matthews, or simply Derek, is the one responsible for it.

"...And he'll be the chief soon." The thought made her smile. She remembered when they were young, that he vowed to be somebody that can protect everyone. To be someone that had both skills and position to do so. She had researched Derek after their second meeting, and found that he had made quite a few enemies after fighting for the funding of his now-current projects. If he was to be the chief, then he'd be able to do a lot more.

Relief. This was exactly what Erin was feeling at the exact moment. Her heart has finally calmed down, her mind finally finding peace. Past mistakes held both of them back, but she had finally accepted that mistakes do happen. No matter how painful and tragic it can be, it happens. Their love had affected others, but Erin won't give up anymore. She loved the man, and even after all this time she loved him.

"Let's hope that from here on out, we can live peaceful lives," she thought.
As Erin started to type, she heard a knock from the door, and found Judith as she opened it. "Sweetheart, there is someone waiting for you outside."

"A visitor?" She asked.

"It seems so," Judith replied. "Come down when you're ready. Seems to be someone important."

"I see." Erin replied politely. "Thank you, ma'am. I'll come right down."


"Damn it, Jordan." Derek grumbled as he turned his truck for a quick U-turn. Twenty minutes ago, Jordan called back to say that he was almost at St. Lucinta, and that they could just meet there instead. However, Derek was suddenly caught in traffic, something that hadn't happen before. It was a rural town.

As he drove, his phone rang. Putting the Bluetooth in his ear, he answered. "Jordan, I'm on my way. Can you get Eri-"

"Doctor Matthews! This is Frank! Hurry and come back!" Frank's boisterous voice sounded shaky; full of panic. But why does he have Jordan's phone?

"Frank?" Derek repeated. "What's going on? Is there an emergency case? I'm almost the-"

"IT'S ERIN!" Frank yelled in horror. "THE LAD... SHE'S DYING!"
Derek froze. He must have heard wrong. Of course, he must have heard wrong. What the hell is this old man talking about? Did he forget who Erin was? Is there someone named Erin in his patient list that required urgent care? That must be it. It couldn't possibly be anything else.

Derek calmed down, but he pressed the gas pedal past its limit. In a minute, he reached St. Lucinta.

And then he finally sensed that something was wrong.

Behind the small, white building was a small crowd. On the back, Judith was crying.
Like a mother who had just found out that her daughter had died. He ran past the crowd, and found Jordan.

He was covered in blood.

Derek grabbed him by the collar, refusing to look down "What... What the hell is going on?" He whispered. His eyes were turning red, almost purple. He was shaking now, because even though he refused to look down, it caught his eye that the body in front of them was all too-familiar to him.

Jordan had already lost his soul, his face pale from shock. It was evident that he tried to save her, but the stab wound on her chest was too deep-he couldn't hear her heartbeat nor her pulse. It was a race against time, and he came too late. She was gone too soon.

Jordan couldn't say anything, he can't even talk to Derek, much less look him in the eye.

Instead his next words were of a report from a surgeon to another.

"Time of death... 4:15 pm."

-- A Third Chance At First Love [Part 1] END--


Author's Note

Thank you for reading 'A Third Chance At First Love.' The first part of this series has ended, and the next will start in the following days. Expect a lot of action, suspense, romance - and much longer chapters. Everything will finally be clear, especially the conspiracy that started five years ago.

After all, you didn't expect this to be a normal love story, did you? I'm Ceres Erigo - I never do normal.
Excited for the next series?
Published: 5/27/2014
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