A Third Chance at First Love - Chapter Seven

After five years, Erin Grey get the displeasure of meeting the handsome young doctor, Derek Matthews. And now they must work together under the same hospital. Will her hatred for him resurface, or will he keep a tight hold on her - something he couldn't do five years ago?
Chapter Seven: Superman in a Lab Coat

Derek Matthews-

The Genius doctor who moved to the top, only after two years or residency.

The man responsible for the expansion of Greenwood Hospital's ER.

The youngest doctor to be in charge of General Surgery.

The one rumored to take over the head chief position, if he would just say 'yes.'

Erin Grey, however, has her own definition of this man -

The bastard who cheated on her.

The bastard she caught with another woman, even after meeting again five years later.



Distracting. Completely and utterly distracting.

"Harsh," Ada commented on the list. "Don't forget to add in 'Neighbor' and 'Co-worker.' You'll be working together after all," she chuckled.

"You..." Erin pointed her pen to the girl, "you didn't do this on purpose, did you?"

Ada waved her hand. "Oh please, I couldn't possibly do all that." She sighed. "Too much work."

After the buzzing of the printer, Erin grabbed the ten - page article she made two days ago for Denzel. Still hot, she carefully took it out, stapled it and handed it to Ada. "Here ya go, boss. I'm off the hook for this week."

Ada showed her thumb, a sign of eager approval. "Heading off to Greenwood now?"

Erin nodded, grabbing her things. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Ada saw as she left the office. Flipping through her article, she stopped.
"That's weird," she thought. "Last time I checked, Derek didn't own the condo next door."


As Erin entered the hospital, she imagined an ordinary day there as if it was like an episode of Grey's Anatomy. People rushing to get into ER, beautiful nurses and surgeons scattered around, talking as if in the drama itself. But the hospital was quite empty. She found the front desk easily, and only a number of people were there.


Erin turned around to find a man in a dark blue scrub suit, holding a coffee in hand. The man's short brown hair was messy, with a hint of 5 o'clock shadows under his eyes. It was evident that this one has just finished an overnight shift, and probably getting ready for another one. Her eyes grew bigger as she realized who it was.

"Jordan?" She whispered. "Jordan Erikson?"

He smiled as he patted her shoulder. "At your service! Man, you look beautiful Erin. You changed pretty well in five year."

"And it looked like you haven't changed at all. You really need to fix yourself, I keep telling you that," she laughed. "You've always been good-looking, if you would just go out a bit."

"If I do, you might end up falling in love with me instead." Jordan retorted, raising his eyebrow. She chuckled. Jordan had always been the quiet intern - until he became friends with Derek. Soon even Erin became friends with him, and whenever she visited the hospital before, she would always find them two together. The two laughed until a pair of hands grabbed her shoulders. She jumped in surprise, and turned around to see who the culprit was.

The happy face she had just now disappeared, and only a look of annoyance can be found.

"I haven't heard that laugh in a while," Derek smiled. Wearing a black scrub suit, his own hair was disheveled, but it was too short that it wasn't noticeable. Just like Jordan, his eyes showed an extreme case of fatigue, and even his lips were turning white. Unlike his appearance at the party two days ago, he looked like hell. Quite honestly, even if they were neighbors, she never saw him in the building. It seemed as if he sleeps in the hospital nowadays.

"... How long have you been up?" She wondered, then she covered her mouth. She shouldn't have said anything.

"Thirty-five hours," he answered quickly, and she suddenly grabbed her to a small office room. Inside was a small conference table equipped with two apple computers, a laser printer, a telephone, shelves of books, a water dispenser and a large leather couch. She noticed the pile of folders on top of the tables, carefully stacked and separated by category. Behind was a glass wall, where the view can be seen from outside. It was a simple alright, but she had enough space.

"This will be your office," Derek pointed out. "The chief sent all the files for the first issue. He said you get to choose your pick. Send him your decision tomorrow."

She nodded, touching the books. She remembered seeing the exactly the same ones at his office. "These medical books, aren't they yours?" They ranged from Anatomy, General Practices, to Medical Bibliographies and past medical journals.

"I got them to put it here, so you can use them." He flopped himself to the couch. "Well, Good luck."

"Wait," she looked at him. "Are you sleeping here?"

"Yup," he answered, popping his mouth at the 'p.'

"Go away," she complained, "you have your own office."

He didn't reply. And when she walked to him, she realized that he was already sleeping. Erin noticed the fatigue in his face, ruining the handsome visage of the man she was looking at. He really hasn't slept in two days now. Erin was starting to feel guilty too. She hasn't even said 'thank you' when he gave her those pills for her motion sickness at the party.

"Did you fall for me yet?" He interrupted, smiling as he was looking at her.

Furious, she threw the blanket on his face, all her guilt gone in that instant.

"Shut up and sleep."


Cold. She was feeling cold. She could hear humming too. And moving.

She was moving.

What was going on?

When she opened her eyes, she realized that she was under a thick blanket, in the passenger seat of a car. When she looked to her left, Derek was driving, humming quietly to himself. Unlike last time he looked more alive, wearing a denim button-up shirt and dark jeans. When he realized that she was awake, he smiled. "Good nap?" He asked.

"Where the hell are we?" Erin tried to calm herself, but it's quite hard considering that she was just in the office last time she was awake.

"An hour away from St. Lucinta. We're heading there for an emergency medical mission." He answered, grabbing an apple from the grocery bag in between them.

"Bu-But I was just in the hospital! And I have to head back to the agency! What time is it?" She was starting to freak out. When she looked outside, it was beginning to grow dark. 7:30 pm.

Derek stared at her, and he started laughing. "Don't worry, I told Ada already. We're three hours away from the main city now, so there's no use. Besides," he paused. "When I woke up, I saw that you were still stumped about what to write about. These medical missions will get you some fresh information." He explained.

"...and you think that was a good reason to kidnap me?!" She was starting to scream, until he popped an apple in her mouth.

"Don't worry. We'll be back soon," he smiled as he drove.

Erin sighed in defeat. Chewing the apple, she started grumbling. "And they said an apple a day keeps the doctor away." As she ate, she realized that they were inside a pick-up truck. The roads were smooth despite it being out of the main city, and she can feel the fresh air surrounding her hair. When she looked out, she noticed a number of cows as they pass by, farm fields from left to right. She had never been in this part before, but it seemed so peaceful, like the one in Canada. "Have you always traveled here?" She asked.

"This is my second time," he answered. "St. Lucinta is a town with only a thousand people, and all of them are scattered around. They don't really have doctors, so we try to come there every two weeks to see them. Dr. Peters was supposed to go this time, but his wife is in the delivery room right now, expecting their first child. I thought I should go instead."

'But you hardly rested yourself,' she thought. She took a peak at his face. 'At least there's more color to him now.'

"It's boring to go alone, so I took you with me," he continued, revealing his true motive. Then he started laughing. "It certainly is funny remembering those faces when I carried you all the way to the parking lot. They must have thought you were dead."

She wanted to say more, but she thought it was useless. Instead she grabbed another apple to hit his head before she ate it.

"Ow," he complained. "Oh, we're almost here." They passed by a small sign announcing that St. Lucinta was just half a mile away.

"Exactly how long are we going to be here?" She asked him. "Two hours? Three? Four?"

"Oh, I didn't tell you?" Derek looked at her, "three days."
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Published: 5/12/2014
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