A Third Chance at First Love - Chapter Sixteen

The second arc continues.
Chapter Sixteen - Smells Like Smoke

Erin found herself inside a loud, bustling pub downtown.

"This is amazing," she thought to herself. After a little research and a few informants, she found out that the Senator had plans to spend the night inside this bar, but in the upper level, where only the VIP can enter - it was the place where most kept secret meetings are held. The senator had connections throughout the entire city, which was obvious.

But even the most 'cleanest politicians' have backdoor deals.
This is where they go and do it.
"Despicable," she thought.

"Are you ready?" It was Aris, who was stationed in Bordeaux, France with Gary. "I'm sorry I'm not there."

"It's fine," Erin replied through the small hearing device disguised as an over-sized earring. "My mother ordered all of you not to interfere."

"Don't worry," Aris breathed, "I have a guy there that will interrupt if he has to. Job on the line included."

"That's great," she said sarcastically. "I bet he left already."

"Ha-Ha. Well, good luck," Aris replied. "Keep yourself alive."

Erin stepped inside the pub. It was easy, seeing how the bouncer seemed pleased by the sight in front of him as she walked by without looking back.

A blonde girl with a skimpy red dress was a standard in every pub. It was screaming 'free admission' across the board.

"Hey baby," a man in his thirties grinned as he looked down at her. She could smell the brandy and the heartburn to come tomorrow. Then he attempted to tough her behind.

"Don't," she caught his hand mid-air, and slammed it down. "Where's the elevator?"

The drunken man held his hand in pain. "What are you, a psycho?"
This got Erin irritated. She stepped forward, aiming for his testacles, when the man finally pointed to the elevator doors.
"You're a witch," he groaned in pain.
"Thanks," she said sweetly as she walked.
She made her way through the sweaty bodies and into the door.

"Who are you?" Asked one of the man in suits guarding the entrance.
"Christina, one of the girls sent for Senator Dunkley."
The man examined her carefully. Erin felt like he was looking straight into her soul. An informant said that Dunkley would be here today, and that her name was added to the list, but what if she was set up?

"She must have meant Senator Roy," the other guy in suit interrupted. "They're together today. "
"I see," said the man who could almost kill her with his glare.
"Senator Dunkley never orders girls to come to him."

As soon as she was escorted upstairs, she noticed as one of the rooms were producing music similar from downstairs. Assuming that it had been an order from the other senator, Dunkley would still be there. Erin slowly entered the room, and to her relief, it was already full of other girls. The light was low and everyone was dancing, so no one could have noticed an intruder coming inside.

It was a private party, full of young girls in too-short attires in one side and an extravagant banquet on the other, with too many choices to choose from. All that was visible from the scene was the low light coming from the disco ball and a man sitting by himself along a booth.

"That must be him," she thought to herself. She walked forward to see Victor Dunkley sitting idly with his legs crossed, tequila on one hand and a cigar on the other. He seemed so elegant, so out of place, as if the prime minister had gone to the wrong party.
She looked at her watch.
She had ten minutes.

"Hello," she flashed a smile to the senator. "Mind if I sit here?"
He looked at her for a minute. Then, he placed his cigar down.
"Go ahead."
"You seemed bored," she said as she tucked the strand of her behind her ear, "I thought you would want some company."
"...Who are you?" He asked her suddenly. "I didn't see you before."
She chuckled. "I'm Christina. To be honest, I barged in here after learning that the party upstairs was more fun than the one downstairs," she sighed, placing her hand on top of her legs.
Her dress was definitely short.

Aris had taught her the art of seduction, an intricate technique used mainly be female assassins to get to their prey. If full force was out of the question, Aris told her that using the element of arousal was the way it go. She didn't like it at first, but Erin had no choice. There was no way she would be getting anything from Dunkley unless she used this event to her advantage.
Besides, she was no longer anyone's woman.
And luck must be onto her today, because things will get very exciting soon enough.

Erin could tell that Victor was listening carefully to her every word. He was definitely the careful type. "Why aren't you dancing then, senator?"

"You know who I am?" His forehead scrunched.
"Well, I'm not stupid enough to not know who you are. I don't just party all the time, you know," she smiled at him again. "Would you rather I pretended that I didn't know?"

This time, it was the senator that laughed. "This is the only time I had fun tonight. Who would think someone would come to me like this?" He gave her a grin. "Call me Victor."
"All right, Victor," she looked at him in the eyes. "Why don't we play truth or dare?"
"Truth or Dare?"

She nodded. "I'm a bored a girl and you're a bored politician," she paused. "I'm sure after whatever business you had with the old man over there," she pointed to Senator Roy, "you're stuck waiting for an appropriate time to leave. So why not spend the time with me?"

"And what do I get?" Victor replied. Erin thought it was funny, because now that she was sitting beside him, she realized that he looked much younger in person. There were no wrinkle lines in his face but a deep dimple, his polished dark hair was poised primped like a real gentlemen, and the way his eyes seems to disappear whenever he smiled made him look more like Derek than the evil politician he really was.

Erin gasped. " I thought of him again," she said to herself. She cleared her throat before she continued with her deal.

"Let's see," she looked up, "If I win, you tell me a state secret that no one knows about," she paused, "and if you win, you can tell me what to do."

"Deal," he replied. "Why don't you start?"

Well, that was easy, Erin thought.

"I dare you to sing me a song right now," she grinned. She had three minutes to go, and she plans to drag this long enough. Besides, which politician would be willing enough to give up a state secret?

"Listen well then, Blondie," he looked at her as he cleared his throat.

There's a calm surrender to the rush of day
When the heat of a rolling wind can be turned away
An enchanted moment, and it sees me through-

Erin covered her mouth in shock. Who would have thought that this man, of all people, would sing "Can you feel the love tonight," by Elton John?
And to think he would sing it so well.
He continued singing, his voice almost fluid to the song. She found out before that it was one of his secret hobbies, but to think he would be pretty good for a stoic man. That was a shock.
As she listened, she noticed, as his eyes didn't stray anywhere else but on her own.
"What's this about?" She thought. She almost felt her cheeks burning.

"That's that," he finished his song abruptly. "Didn't think I'd give in so easily, did you?"
"Of course not," she said to him. Then she looked at her watch.
20 seconds left.
"What do you want me to do then?" She asked him.

"Kiss me."
Suddenly his hand grabbed hers, and he pulled her entire body on top of him.
15 seconds left.
Erin looked at his eyes, to that serene pair of green eyes. She instantly thought of Derek, and the way he looked at her the same way.
But he was no longer with her.
And she needed to do what she had to do, for the sake of the mission.
So she kissed him.
His hand wrapped around her waist, and he pushed her head closer to him, his kisses intensifying in every seconds. She waited.



Suddenly, shots were heard everywhere in the room. The crowd started to run around, and some were crushed in the process. Erin quickly grabbed the small pistol hiding under her legs, and before anyone could blink, she shot the man hiding behind the curtains.

There was a scheduled shootout today, aiming to assassinate Senator Roy for his excessive slandering. The other officials have had enough of him, and thought he would be better off dead. It was just perfect for Erin, as her informant told her that someone would stick close and kill Dunkley himself.

To save Dunkley meant she could get him to talk - that was her plan.

She looked at the dead body in front of her, and her legs collapsed.
She had finally killed a man.
"Who are you?" Victor Dunkley looked at her in disbelief, as he had been fooled. But he was.
"You have a rule, Senator, that every favor needs to be repaid in the same amount," she walked forward, her pistol in hand. "Does it apply to us as well, knowing I have just saved your life?"

She could see his eyes grow red, and his shoulders were shaking. But it only took a few seconds before he grew calm. "Fine. It doesn't matter who you are. What do you want?"

"It's simple, really," she flashed a grin. "Why don't we talk about an old man named Michael Dean?"


The LaGuardia Airport was bustling with people even at night, all in a hurry to get into cabs, to hotels, to coffee shops, or maybe just to get into their next flight.
But Derek was stranded inside the airport bar, with a beer on his hand.
He hasn't touched it yet.

Derek couldn't explain anything that happened tonight. The memory of Jordan getting shot in the head was still in his mind. He would have thrown up already, had there been anything left in his stomach he didn't throw up earlier. After the shot, he immediately called the police, and after a few hours of investigating, they couldn't find anything.
"It was too clean, sir," one of the cops told him. "We can't find anything after investigating further. Do you know this man?"

"...He was my junior."
"Ah. I'm sorry."

The memory fainted, and he found himself sitting inside the airport bar after a text from the former head chief. "What does he know?" Derek thought to himself. How could Wilson Jacob conveniently call after so long, and in the same time Jordan died?

"What the hell is going on?" He tightened his hand in frustration, enough to break the beer bottle. The alcohol spilled everywhere.

"You are too strong, Derek."
Wilson Jacob appeared out of nowhere and sat beside him as the bartender quickly wiped the table.
"Chief..." Derek didn't know where to start, "what the fuck is going on?"
"That's why I'm here, child." He gave him a tap on the shoulder. " I'm here to tell you everything. But most importantly," he paused, " open the briefcase."
Published: 3/17/2015
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