A Third Chance at First Love - Chapter Twelve

The second arc. Separated once, separated again. When childhood lovers are caught between a conspiracy years in the making, will they find another chance to be together? Or will they finally give up?
Chapter Twelve - Life After Death

Erin looked around for any more signs of unusual movement.
"They're gone now," she thought to herself.

"Were you scared?"

Erin turned around to find a woman with ravishing red hair tied in a sleek ponytail. She could be around twenty-three or twenty-four, around Erin's age. The gun that woman held was still hot, gray steam radiating from the nozzle of its muffler.

She also noticed a bit of blood from her clothes.

"There were two more hiding behind the building," the woman explained.

"You have to be more careful, Aris." Erin sighed.

"You are just like your mother," Aris laughed as she hid weapon in a small purse. Taking off the tight black bodysuit she used was more challenging than eliminating the twelve hired assassins aiming to kill the Dean heir today. Aside from the five that pretended to be businessmen, the others scattered in the building, but Aris found them all.

"I've been doing this since I was a kid, it should be fine." She grabbed Erin's arm. "Let's get some burgers, I'm starving!"

Erin nodded, and they headed off to a local McDonalds. As Aris lined up for food, she sat down at their table.

"I still can't believe this," she thought.

Aris, also known as Scarlet, is among one of the members of The Invisible Guardians, an organization unknown to society whose duty is to protect the future leaders of the world, and calls them 'clients.'

They act as a shadow, and will be capable of killing whoever plans to stand in their client's way.

To think her mother used to be one of them too.

"...So you do know that boy," Aris interrupted her train of thought, placing down their tray of food - "two greasy cheeseburgers, fries, a bag of onion rings and two large cokes."

"You're that hungry, huh."

"I get hungry whenever I kill someone," Aris replied, half-joking. "It does take someone energy to take someone else's, you know."

"What do you guys want from Gary?" Erin asked her seriously. "To suddenly tell me to not show myself to him, to keep him inside that elevator while I watch him almost die, you aren't going to kill him, are you?"

"Your mother didn't tell you anything, did she..." Aris said. "Your mother wasn't exactly the friendly type, but I didn't know she would be like that to you too."

She sighed.

"Listen up," she pointed her cheeseburger at Erin. "Gary Dean is my client. My duty is to protect him. He doesn't know I exist, and he should never know I exist - that's rule number two. Rule number three is to use whatever means necessary to keep my client alive. He would have gotten caught up in the mess if he was there."

"So putting him in a suspended elevator in a temporary coma was safer, huh? And I was used as bait." Erin looked at her.

"Something like that," Aris replied with a slight grin on her face. "His family is pretty important for your mission, so we can't have him dying on us right away."

Erin nodded, and she started eating some fries when she remembered something.
"So what's rule number one?"


"You said," Erin continued, "that rule number two was to never reveal yourself to the client, while rule number three was to do everything for the client in order for them to live. But what's rule number one?"

Aris paused for a second before sipping on her straw. "It's something you don't need to know."

"Ah, I see."

"By the way, did you get it?"

Erin nodded, and she reached in her pocket to grab small USB drive containing all the Dean family's shareholders. It was in Gary's suitcase. "Sorry, Gary." She thought.

"How did you know where to get this anyway?" Aris said to her, amused. "Were you that close?"

"Just a bit."

"Hmmm..." A sly smile formed on her face. "But you also have the doctor, don't you?"


"No?" Aris scrunched her forehead. "But weren't you guys inseparable?"

"No," Erin replied. "In fact, that man... he doesn't even remember me anymore."
Published: 10/4/2014
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