A Third Chance at First Love - Chapter Twenty Four

Derek decides to join the Guardians, and Erin makes a promise to herself. With the end being near, will their third chance at first love be just like before - or will it grow into something else?
Chapter Twenty Four: Inuendoes

"How long will you be gone?"

Erin was sitting on the bed, legs crossed with her head down. Derek sat on the floor.

The lights were off, and they didn't bother to put it back to life. The somber atmosphere fitted well anyway.

"I don't know," he answered. "But I want to do this. No matter what."

"I know," Erin thought. "But still..."

Derek got up, squeezing her hand as he sat beside her. "If I joined the Invisible Guardians, I'll face the man that killed my mother and separated me from my father."

Softly, he brushed his hand on her cheek, and she felt the coldness of tips of her fingers. She placed her hand on top of his, and warmth of her hand made Derek feel all the more insane from missing her even when she's sitting in front of him.

"You've been looking for me in the rain," she remembers.
He nodded.
"And if I go, I can see through that things end once and for all. I can't bring your past back as 'Erin Grey,' but I can make sure you have a future."

Erin felt her chest tighten.
She wasn't a stranger to clan wars, especially the ones involving the Invisible Guardians. On the three months she was under the care of the organization, it had attacked and been attacked by several underground societies just as unspeakable and deadly as they are.
The organization is considered the 'good' of the bunch as they do the 'saving part', but certainly they have hidden agendas of their own.

The common folks would never realize of these people's existence, much to her surprise,as each and every situation had been disguised to be something else.

Gang-related activities, collapsed building causing death of 13 unnamed individuals, fake natural disasters causing the death of 20, even a massacre from a deranged individual causing the death of 35
- the list goes on.

Erin is very sure at this point that these underground societies have a hand connected to the police sector, using their own connections to 'clean things up.'

But Derek, who knew nothing of killing, could be caught up in the middle.

"Can't you stay?" She pleaded. "Can't they just take care of this themselves?"
He shook his head.
"I'm not a stranger to this, and neither are you. Unless I see with my own eyes that this man sheds as much blood as he caused everyone we love, I will never be at peace, knowing he can hurt us any second.

"Then can't I come?" Erin turned her head away. "I'll kill him myself. You know, don't you? That I've already-"

He suddenly put his finger on her lips, stopping her words.
"I know," he nodded, and he held her into his arms. "I can't let you stain your hands anymore."
Erin felt his hands turn into tight balls, and she grabbed onto him to calm him down.

"I want to do this for myself too," he continued.
" I want to learn more about myself, my life, and I want to ensure that you'll never see those men again in your life."

They broke away, and for the longest time they stared at each other, eye- to-eye. Erin stared at his warm, brown eyes, the same ones who looked at her with so much love, so much care, and so much passion.

She found herself feeling all sort of emotions as he reached his hand out to caress her face. Her face felt hot, almost burning.

She just can't get used to him.
He was just so handsome, so good-looking, so kind.
She almost forgot how much of a man he is. They had both watched each other grow up, she sometimes forget that there were others who wanted him, wanted to be with him, lusted for him, loved him.
But he was all hers.
All of him.

"You're mine," she breathed, and softly she touched his lips with her own.
His lips felt so soft, so wet, and she felt tingly when he pushed her down, touching her tongue with his own.

"And you're mine," he breathed heavily, removing his shirt before hastily removing hers.
"Always," she whispered, and she ran her long, slender fingers in the outline of his muscles as he ravished her neck, his hands running down to her torso.
She moaned quietly, encouraging him even more.

"Louder," he ordered, and he leaned in to kiss her neck, slowly moving down to her breast, tracing the outline of her stomach with his tongue before he started to unbutton her pants.
He then lifted his head back up to hers, kissing her more passionately this time.
Now they were skin-to-skin, with nothing to hide.

"I'm all yours," she reminded him, and she buried his face on his neck as he starts to thrust.

With their bodies intertwined, their hearts pounded loudly throughout the long, passionate night.


The soft morning breeze that came with the chilly morning weather made its way through the small crack of the window, waking Erin up to a cold morning.

She blinked a few times, her hand placed on top of her face as she shielded her eyes from the sunlight.

When she got up, she grabbed the white blanket up to her neck, covering her naked body from the cold. She was hurting all over.
Yet, the physical exhaustion she was feeling now could never be compared to the night of passion she had with him. A smile grew on her face, and her cheeks grew red.

Unable to keep her excitement, she turned to her right to kiss the man who made her feel giddy all over, but found no one lying beside her.

Erin called out, but didn't hear anyone answer.
She got up suddenly, grabbing the blue satin robe sitting on top of her beside table.

"Derek?" She called out once again. She looked everywhere in the room, but found no signs of him.

"He's really gone now," she whimpered.
Although Erin hadn't mentioned this to anyone before, she was actually a very light sleeper.

That's why it didn't come as a surprise when she came to her senses, the minute she felt Derek's lips on her forehead, and how she heard him say the things he could never say to her otherwise, if she was awake.

"I'm going now," he said softly.
"I don't know how long this war will last, but I hope you continue to be stronger. For the both of us."
His fingers caressed her one last time, carefully so she wouldn't wake up.

"I'll come back. I promise."

He pressed his lips on her forehead for the longest time, until she felt his body leave the bed.
And he was gone.

Erin caught herself sniffling, but was interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the door.
She looked at the door nervously. Was she supposed to answer it? Was it safe to open the door herself?

"Leave it."

Erin almost jumped.
She didn't expect anyone to be in the room with her, but someone was. She watched Sezky as he walked passed her, his right eye peeking on the little glass before a smug formed on his face.

"It's room service," he announced, and she felt a sudden rush of relief.
Afterwards, she realized that he had been looking at her strangely, noticing the thin robe she was trying to cover herself with.
"I'll handle it, so go change into something less enticing. Unless of course, you want to do something else," he smiled, almost innocently.

She ran back to the bedroom, wondering if he was actually being serious.


Erin managed to find a deep purple knee-length dress to wear, as her clothes from before haven't dried yet. When she entered the living area, she noticed a feast spread in the breakfast nook.

In front of her were slices of ham and bacon, freshly made French bread with spinach dip, a plate of sunny-side up eggs, assorted tea sandwiches, macaroons, slices of apple pie and a fresh pot of coffee.

She also noticed the complimentary note from the chef, the words " Have a great breakfast, Mrs. Christina Matthews," written in gold letters.

Sezky was sitting on the couch just behind it, his attention on the news.
"Eat some breakfast," he ordered her, but his eyes remained on the television.
"Have some too," she urged, but he only waved his hand.

She grabbed the pot of coffee and poured it into two white coffee mugs.
Then, she placed the coffee in front of him before sitting on the couch.

He nodded to her, grabbing the mug before taking a nice, long sip.
"Not going to ask me where he is?"
Erin shook her head.
"Isn't that why you're looking at news right now?" She said to him, and her eyes shot up to the television, where a breaking news report announced of "ten unidentified people killed from sudden gunshots in Southampton."

"He's in Southampton right now."
Erin was sure of that. But is he safe?
"That's where he is now, but soon they'll leave. They'll keep moving until they get rid of Michael and all his accomplices - all spread out in different places.
Like a game of tag, my mother will not stop until she wipes away everyone involved in my father's death."

Sezky turned his head to her in surprise. "I didn't think you'd know that much."
He gave Erin a pat on the shoulder, a friendly one too, before Erin saw his body jerk suddenly, his head twisting to the veranda.

"Is someone there?"

"M-hm... It's my replacement."

He pulled his sleeve up, checking his watch before getting up to put his coat on. "That girl won't come here unless I'm out of the room."

It didn't take long for Erin to realize that he was talking about Aris.

"What exactly are you to her?" Erin blurted out before hastily putting her hand on her mouth. She somehow believed that doing so would undo the damage.

"I wonder that myself," he replied instantly, "Every time she looks at me, the hatred just grows."

Erin didn't think he would actually answer her. Erin knows that she should be wary of him at all times, but somehow she just can't seem to.
"Were you lovers?" She said.

"I'm afraid it's a bit more complex than that, little Erin."
Sezky didn't say anything else, and he hurried putting a pair of black leather gloves on his hands.

"I'll be out to check on them from time to time," he told her, "at the very least, I'll see that he doesn't die right away."

Erin gave him a big smile.
"Thank you."

After grabbing himself an apple, he walked out the door, and almost instantly Aris appeared from thin air.

"Did you just come out of the balcony?" Erin's eyes widened as Aris entered the room, the heels of her black boots clicking at her every step.

"Like magic," Aris teased, and she sat herself on the breakfast nook, grabbing every piece of meat she could get. "I'm starving."

"Aris, are you all right?"

"Of course, I'm all right," she replied, her tone more alive and full of life than yesterday, or any other day she had been with her. "Now that the devil's gone, I'm in tip-top-shape."

Erin wanted to ask her more, but she thought it would be better to leave it that. She turned her attention back to the screen, when something popped into her mind.

"Aris, are you not supposed to be protecting Gary? What are you doing here?" Her forehead furrowed.

Aris placed the blueberry muffin down.
"Things changed, Erin. Right now, Gary is placed at top priority. With the war happening right now, he needs to be protected by someone else more suitable for the danger he could be in."
She starts poking the muffin, causing it to crumble down.
"More skills, more calculative, more prominent,"
She pauses.
"And much, much more violent than me."

"So that's where Sezky went," Erin thought to herself.

"Is Gary alright?" Erin asked her, "Is he handling things... well?"
"He's more cunning than you think," she answered. "Actually, you will be seeing him soon."
"He wants to see me?"
"It's a bit complicated, but you'll know soon."

Erin left her alone to eat, and she proceeded to turn her attention at the screen.

"The remains of the victims have been recovered, but the blast from the bomb had rendered these poor people unidentifiable. More report coming soon..."

She stared in horror as a video clip of a street seemed awfully similar to that of a warzone, except that these people are hired killers and trained assassins who are smart enough to cover up their tracks and make it appear as something else.

"I miss you Derek," she whispered, "Please be safe."

Please, be safe.

Published: 12/17/2015
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