A Third Chance at First Love - Chapter Twenty Three

A day before Erin met Sezky, a day before she found out that her mother had indeed, made her into a bait to her grand plan, something else had happened. Can a love with three chances really conquer them all?
Chapter Twenty Three: The Meeting of two Dragons

(A day before Erin met Sezky.)

Derek found himself sitting on the back passenger seat of a helicopter. Just beside him was Erin's mother.

Although told that he met her when he was younger, it didn't help that his memory loss made him incapable of remembering any parts of his childhood.

He did feel a bit of rage coming out from chest, but he has yet to really know why.
All he sees in front of him was an older version of Erin. They both have the same almond eyes, the high cheekbones, and same small, slender frame and even the same sharp shoulders. He could certainly tell where Erin got her features from, but unlike Erin, this woman harbors unspeakable secrets, a cold glare, and a deadly tongue.

"It seems you don't remember me after all," Irina spoke without turning in his direction. "Have you not recovered all your memory?"

"No, ma'am."

"And yet you came here to London along with a woman that you can't quite recall," she raised an eyebrow. "I didn't think you could be so trusting, Dr. Matthews."

"I'm not very trusting of other people at all, ma'am."
Derek looked out the window, measuring the altitude of the airmobile. If he jumped out now, he would certainly die in a heartbeat. To quickly agree to ride alongside this woman provided him discomfort, but she wasn't just a woman, she was the other key player in their twisted life story.

He needed answers, and to get those answers means he had to do something drastic. Even something deadly.

"Erin wanted nothing to do with me. I did all the chasing," he breathed in relief.
"Your daughter gave up after realizing how exhausting it was to run away from a persistent large man with amnesia."
He paused.
"I'd like to think its fate that we're all here."

"Fate, huh."
Irina turned her head back to the front. "Then I guess it's fate that we're on our way to meet with your half-brother. He knows where his grandfather is, and he said he'll tell us only after he sees you."

Derek didn't see that coming. Gary Dean of Dean Industries, the same man he met in the party and possibly before that - he wants to see him.
"Does he know?" He asked Irina, and she shrugged her shoulders slightly.

"That boy, oh that boy," Irina shook her head, making a 'tsk' sound.
"He might actually be a lot smarter than he appears. I underestimated him."

Ten minutes later, the chopper made its landing on a helipad of an exquisite skyscraper. The building was surrounded with shiny blue glass, secured by ten different metal barriers and extension buildings.

Derek wasn't stupid. He knew exactly where he was.

"Dean Industries' Hotel Headquarters," Derek stated as he stepped out. "How do we know we're safe here?"

"You have my word."

Derek's uncertainty was met by a man with ash blonde hair and green eyes. He stood beside the door all alone, with his hands clenched in front of him.

"Like a true heir," Irina said to herself.

Gary held his hand to Derek. "We met before. My name is Gary Dean."
He smirked.
"I seem to be your younger brother."


Gary led the group to a small conference room on the 26th floor.
"Nobody in here is aware of your existence. I told them you were my VIP's, and only I can assist you."

They sat on a wide mahogany table, each seat equipped with soft black cushions.
Derek recognized the same layout from the hospital - a VIP conference room where the millionaires sit to discuss where they can put their money to some use.

They all sat quietly, five in all, before Gary stood up once again.

"Let's cut to the chase. I'll give you all my support, as the current heir of this family. You can use my people, my power, and my money - all of it. Use it to your advantage, and get rid of my grandfather."

"Why exactly are you so eager to get rid of him?"
It was Irina who voiced Derek's own concerns. It was already pre-determined that his seat as the successor of the Dean empire was absolute, everyone knew that. But to suddenly decide to provide the tools for eliminating his own kin was surprising.

Irina's reasons, Derek understood, but Gary's?

Gary dropped four folders on the table, and Irina's people took to her.
Derek took a peak to see what they were - secret reports of embezzlement scandals, account statements, news reports of collapsing mines in Mexico and the Philippines, printed copies of conversations regarding corrupting other companies, and multiple kill orders.

Then a black list: a list of people who Michael Dean wanted dead.
Gary's name was written on it.

Even Irina was taken aback. Derek saw her forehead furrow, and her eyes were leering on the files.

"These are all the evidence I have on him - corrupt, embezzlement, and betrayal. It was all for his own desire of self-satisfaction. I was digging through all of this when I found out about my father's first wife, Elena Watson."

Gary's eyes pierced through in Derek's direction.
"I would have never thought that Dr. Matthews would be my father's first child. My older brother, Andrew."

"Please call me Derek, Andrew is not my name."

Gary nodded. " Well, Derek. Through my connections I found out about you and your relation to the Invisible Guardians, including its founder," he the nodded to Irina's direction.

"As you can see, I cannot dirty my own hands. My grandfather has realized that I am not about to lean into his hand, and he has already found himself another successor. He had been trying to wipe me out for months now."
Gary took a sip of water, placing it down before folding his hands on the table.

"I thought that since we both have the same goal, we could form ourselves a partnership. If you do this, I will personally grant you anything you want."

Irina closed the folder, and piled it in front of her. "So where is he?"

"He's in the southwest of here, 75 miles away." Gary said in one breath. "He has more men than you can count. Everyone with authority, he has in his bloody fingers."

"Southampton, huh." Irina nodded. "Just as I thought. Sezky was right." She closed the folder and got up from her seat, when she suddenly turned her attention back to Gary.
"But before that, let me ask you one more question," she looked at him, tilting her head slightly like a teasing teenager.

"You have a more personal reason for doing this, do you not?"

Derek turned to Irina, who was smiling as if she had just caught a man's lie. However, Gary's stance didn't change, and neither did his expression.
"I do."
He smiled back at Irina, catching her off guard.
"And what of it?"
Irina laughed this time. "Oh, how lucky she is."

She stood up, handing the files to her people.
Derek wanted to get up, but Irina mouthed the words "stay," so he sat back down.
"We will wait for you up there," she said. "Ten minutes."

They closed the door, leaving Derek and Gary together.
Gary hadn't moved, so Derek was unsure of whether he really should stay.

"So what do you want to do now?"
Gary spoke more softly this time. "Do you want to get your real identity back? Share of the wealth? Do you want my fa-," he shook his head, "our father, to know about your existence? Or do you want to compete with me for the position?"

"I don't want any of that," Derek replied. "I've established my life as Derek Matthews, and even my adoptive parents have brought me up well. My profession as a doctor, no, as chief, has granted me enough authority and all the money I want so I've never had to be frugal, and..."

"And you have her."
Gary finished his sentence.

Derek looked at the man in front of him. He wasn't stupid enough to realize that his younger brother had fallen for her as well. His actions at the party had made Derek believe they were together, and that didn't sit well with him even then.

"I'll never give her up," Derek told him sternly, "not while I'm still breathing."

"Then get you damn head straight as fast as you can," Gary said to him, "It's not the time for you to be losing your mind."

Derek closed his eyes for a minute. To finally speak with his brother was certainly a happy occasion, but their situation isn't exactly very enjoyable.
He had decided to ask this man a favor. A favor that could, in the end, ruin Derek.
But this wasn't his game now. It's not an operation, where he can easily see where it could go. It was a risky game, but one worth trying.
If it was for her, he will do anything. Even if he wasn't in the picture, even then.

"I will get rid of anything that could ever relate me to the Dean family," Derek stated, and this caught Gary's attention. "I will never tell your father about my real identity, nor will I want any of the family's power or share of authority."
Derek's hands turned into tight fists, and his eyes were turning red.
He lifted his head to continue, and he did so with one hell of a pitiful smile.

"But in exchange...."


Author's Note

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Published: 12/15/2015
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