A Twist of Magic - Chapter One

A high school girl with witch-like abilities moves to Boston and is immediately drawn to the other witches. But it turns out that the town has a dark history... one that comes back to haunt the present.
I don’t consider myself a witch. Sure, I have magic in me, and I have incredible powers, but I don’t ride a broom. I don’t have a cat. I do have a dog though. He’s big and white and black. The sweetest Border Collie in the world. His name’s Munchie.

"Sis, get down here!" My older brother, Haze, shouts.

I do as he asks, rolling my eyes. He watches me walk over, and pulls me right in front of the door. I stand there. "Use magic. Look through." He instructs.

I do, feeling silly. But who I see on the other side astonishes me. It’s Billy, and he’s five minutes early. I open the door, but before I do, I take a deep breath and close my eyes.

I open them and our house is cleaner, and I’m wearing a white sundress that has a red ribbon at the waist. I have a side braid that ties with a red colored ribbon as well. I wear red ballet flats. Haze rolls his eyes.

Not fair! He mouths.

I smirk and open the door. Billy holds out a box of roses. "Hey," he says, kissing me on the lips.

I kiss him back, surprised enough. We pull apart, thanks to the fact that Haze clears his throat. I glare at him. "Haze it’s our last date. Show some respect." I say softly.

I didn’t like to yell when I was upset. You had to piss me off. Otherwise I was fine with being loud. Haze relaxed and shook Billy’s hand. "Right, I’m sorry about that." Haze says.

He was convincing enough, because both me and Billy bought it. I smiled as Billy took my hand. "Well, the move sucks. I’ll really miss you Ariel..."

I lean into his frame, and fight back tears. "Yeah... I’ll miss you too."

Billy kisses me again and we leave the house. He opens the door for me, and I think of how, when it really counted, magic was no use to me anyway. It couldn’t stop me from losing Billy.

I closed my eyes like I usually did when I was stressed. If only Billy and I could stay together. I wished. It was an impossible wish. But I thought of it anyhow, and kissed my fingertips before blowing the wish away.

Billy smiled as he took my hand. He led me out of the car to an Italian restaurant. We got our table and while waiting we began to dance. I melded into his figure, and closed my eyes.

If you can hear me now, God save our souls. I whisper. Billy and I stay silent during the whole dance. I miss him already, and we’re not even apart.

God this sucked.
Published: 9/17/2012
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