A Voice Without Words - Chapter 4

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By the time we got to the party, there were already people drunk and wild. I looked at Rafael, knowing he isn't used to this. How would he react to all of this? Would his view of me change? He looked down at me and craned his neck to kiss me. Smiling, I felt better and we went in with everyone else.

I recognized many of the dancing people. One person who stood out to me was Jake. He was the hockey team captain and was my crush until I met Rafael. I didn't know if I should feel happy or uncomfortable when he smiled and walked toward me. He was an arm's length away when I turned away from him and went to Rafael's side. Rafael wrapped his arms around me and I looked back at Jake who looked a little angry as well as hurt. He walked away and I stayed in Rafael's arms.


Later on, after I taught Rafael how to dance with me, I was cooling off outside. With a Coke in my hand, and my hair pulled back in a messy bun, I looked out into the night.

"So, who is he?"
I jolted and looked over my shoulder at Jake, "You scared me!"
"I'll ask again, who is he?"
"My boyfriend."
"Since when do you have a boyfriend?"
"Problem Jake? You weren't asking me out anytime soon. I heard you are dating Jackie."
"Who told you that?"
"Her Facebook status."
"Whoa! Wait what?!"
"Check your phone."

He did so and grumbled, "I swear I'll... Wait, did you get a boyfriend because you saw I was unavailable?"
"Don't flatter yourself. I met him walking home one day when it was snowing. He asked me out when he thought I was a 'snow fairy'... It was romantic."
I looked over at him and saw his face rather dark, "Romantic? Yeah, I guess so."
"Um, I'm going inside now."
"For the record... I was going to ask you out. I really like you, and I'm willing to wait. I feel like I waited too long and I lost you... I'm not giving up on you."

Without saying anything, I went back inside to Rafael.


We were leaving and I heard a voice behind me. Turning around, I saw a drunk Jake.
"Hey! You b-bah-bastard. You stole the girl I like! Give her b-ack."
Rafael looked at me and stood in front of me.
"N-no, let me see her. This is what you did. I've liked her fo-for so long and you showed up..." He passed out.
I ran over to him to make sure he was okay.
Rafael sent me a text, Do you know where he lives? We can drive him home.
I nodded and helped Rafael get Jake in the car.


When we dropped him off, his mother was mortified. She thanked us repeatedly and gave us some coffee.

"What is your name dear?"
"Lillianna, and this is Rafael."
"Well, again thank you so much."
"It's really no problem. I hope Jake's alright."
"He won't be causing anymore trouble, I promise. I'm just glad you found him instead of the police."

We left and when we got home, Rafael held me close, "Who was he?" He texted.
"He's a jock in my school who apparently liked me."
"And your feelings?"
"I liked him a long time ago. Then I met the most wonderful man ever. He believes I'm a snow fairy."
"Who is this man who took my idea?"
We both laughed, "I'm funny no? I'm good at jokes."
"Yes my love, you are a comedian."
"I simply don't joke about my feelings for you however."
I smiled and then collapsed on my bed from exhaustion.

'Ring, ring'...'Ring, ring'....

"Ugh... Hello?"
"I did something really bad..."
Published: 1/10/2013
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